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OMG OMG i did the cooking tonite and guess wat i did not feel tempted at all yes the smell was nice but i did not feel tempted to eat it once, i have been moaning for days that i can not take this anymore but rite now i feel great. I am day 12 i have been feeling tired and but dizzy but other than that i feel fine.

I can not belive i am writing this as i thought i would never be feeling great enuff to write such commet.

For all those ppl who are starting this diet and feel awful all i can say is stick with it and it will get better i mean if a wimp like me can do this than any1 can do it.

I bet my friend pelepeg (peggy) will be proud of me when she reads this i bet she never thought i would ever write but she has been a big support helping me stick to it soo i big thank you to her and everyone else who have been replying back to my messages.

i hope i keep feeling like this and not down in the dumps agian like have been for past few days :D

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Well done Ali

Its wierd isnt is Im on day 7 today and I dont feel hungry at all. I think because Ive set my mind to it Im also not tempted when cooking.

mrs tweedy

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That's excellent news ali, well done!
and thanks for posting this as others who may still be struggling can now see a light at the end of the tunnel! xx


Yay!"well done! I think it just shows that is really worth keeping on going when you feel like quitting!! The results will definitely be worth it!


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Hi Ali

So pleased you finally go there. It's GREAT isn't it? Stick 100% and there is no reason to go back to feeling bad. Drinking the water and not getting over tired are the only other things to remember that helps keep that great feeling.

So proud you stuck to it until day 12 and are now reaping the benefits...now for those pounds to drop off!

Dizzy x


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Told you you could do it.

xx :cool:


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BTW - the dizzyness/light-headedness may be down to dehydration - try some more water. That's what it is with me when I get like that. It is strange, before I lost my weight I used to drink no plain water at all really ..... even though I have pretty much finished the losing stage now, I still need 3 litres of water a day or I feel rough ..... strange how your body changes.

Also, just something to make you KNOW that you can make it through ..... once I hit ketosis like you have, I went through 5 months of SS and never felt hungry once .... not once that I could not explain as "psycological hunger" - the mind playing tricks.

You've done the hard bit - now enjoy the ride!



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Hey Ali, glad you stuck with it, now sit back and enjoy the ride all the way to slimsville.


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thanks every1,

Steve well done for finishing the losing bit, i take it u are at ur target weight now, how much did u lose if u dont mind me asking. Are u doing maintenance now? .

I can not wait for the day till i can say i have lost it all:)

PS. i have a very fury feeling tongue why is that i have been drinking water but its not helping, any advice



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try listerine strips? drink a bit more water. other than that Im afraid its part of the ketosis fun pack lol.