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I don't get it

I know it's early days but I've reduced my calorie intake to 1200 - 1300 a day (Nutracheck says I should have 1424 a day) but I only lost 1lb this week. I didn't cheat at all :( According to the website, to maintain the weight I was at I was consuming over 2100+ calories a day...so why when I'm on half less isn't the weight coming off quicker?

My mum suffers from a hyperactive thyroid (I think) so could it be hieredtry?(sorry I can't spell today LOL)

Also my dad is diabetic...
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A little of everything!
Could be a number of things- is it near your totm (I retain.gain up to 4-5lbs at this time, but its gone the next? Maybe your cals have dropped too much? Try zig-zagging- 1200 one day, 1400 the next to keep your metabolism on its toes? Could you be retaining fluid (have you had any alcohol, ready-meals, processed food,takeaways?)
My TOTM seems to be constant at the moment, I have the implant contaceptive...could that be the problem?

No I don't drink alcohol or having any processed food, being careful what I eat. I did have a take away last night but it's the first since I started dieting.
Yeh I think so too.

My FPC said to eat healthily so I wouldn't gain weight but she didn't say anything about losing the weight.
Yeh :(

Well I'm not eating anymore junk now...I just hope I can lose :( If not then I will see the dr.

Wouldn't it be fab if Drs prescribed the Cambridge or Lipotrim? LOL
Are you drinking plenty of water Rose? I always find that helps me lose weight quicker.

Gaynor x
I'm drinking a little under 2 litres a day, today I have hardly drunk any though:eek:


A little of everything!
It could've been the takeaway! Last weekend I had 5 Beers & 1/2 portion of Chicken Chow Mein (no sauce) and the next day I'd 'gained' 3lbs! By Friday I'd 'dropped' 5lbs- so I know the gain wasn't real weight! If you know you haven't cheated then your good habits WILL catch up with you on the scales- hang in there!
PS I also think the implant may have something to do with it- hormones are a big part of fluid retention.


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i have an implant too everyrose, and although a side effect can be weight gain, this is supposedly down to us having an increased appetite as much as anything else. it shouldn't prevent you from losing weight when you are trying so hard. i would up the water a wee bit more. and just keep going. quite often i get no loss the first week and then a bigger one the second week. keep up with it and it can't fail to work!!

abz xx
Thanks girls.

I haven't gained luckily, just feel like I should be losing more that 1lb a week.

Ah well, a 1lb is a lb less than I already was so I shouldn't complain too much!

I am thinking about getting my implant removed as it's causing me to bleed all the time, I get like 3 days of non-bleeding and that's it?!


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how long have you had it for? it does take some time for your body to get used to it. sometimes up to a year. but don't panic because it might just be a month, ha. however if you've had it for some time and are still bleeding constantly then i would get rid of it. i don't bleed at all, ever, which is why i've still got mine :D

abz xx


sisters of slim
hi everyrose i too had the implant in for 6 months and bled every day throughout,the doc said keep going it will stop,but after blood stopping meds and iron because of the loss of blood,i felt like i was dying eventually he took it out have a nice scar as a reminder,also i could not lose weight on it and now its gone i am -49lb lighter yippee.so i think the implant was my problem angie x
I've had it in since September, so 9mths, I was told it can take up to a year to settle down too, most do within 6mths, I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones!

Will give it until Sept I think.

I did have 3 months of non bleeding so I think I'm making up for lost time LMAO.
Weighed myself this morning...I have lost 3lb!!!

thats a brilliant result, well done!
Thanks ladies!

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