I dont know how you have the willpower


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Is what people always say to me. Well, its day 4 and on the my scales I've lost 7lbs, and am very much in the pink on my peesticks - THATS how I stay motivated and have the willpower.

Yay to VLCDs!

Still a little bit headachey today but know that because I'm very dark pink that they'll go tomorrow :)

Lynne x
Well done! and Yes.. that's the same motivation i go by! lol
Yes its a common question!

If you are dark pink, please drink some more water - that will help ease the headache.

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Hi Kerensa

I am drinking more water today - I'm normally around a 4 on the sticks which is fine isn't it? Never usually as dark as today.

My journey started off as desparation, then willpower, then distraction before the understanding kicked in as well :D