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I don't know where or how to start!

If you can get hold of a Slimming World magazine (all newsagents sell them)they have loads of recipes and 7 day menu planners in them. That could be a good starting point.
If you don't have time for exercise try to walk as much as possible, take the stairs instead of lift/escalator, walk in your lunch break etc, get off the bus a few stops before your destination, this all helps. Experts say we should aim for 10,000 steps a day but you could try aiming for 5,000 to start with, it will def help in the weight loss.


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make small changes to your diet hun they make big differences,for instance switch your milk to the lower fat one down etc go for walks get off buses early or park one street up from your destination and walk,little changes really do help.have you decided which plan to follow?i can recommend weight watchers it helped me lose nine stone(before i put 5 back on so here i go again lol)good luck to you x:D
good luck with the exams:) i just had mine too and its great to get them over with!!! you can lose weight for free, it can actually save you money:) you don't need any fancy gym membership at all. although that is the current trend. don't see how someone can plan on going to the gym for the rest of their lives but swimming, walking and cycling thats another matter - these and calorie counting are in my opinion the best way to lose weight cos they are lifestyle changes. first thing to do is eat balanced diet, cut out the bad stuff and do some exercise:)


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pocohontas - try you library for cook books. Loads of healthy eating ones and it won't cost you a penny.
I check Amazon for the ones I like the look of and then request them from the library online.

There is a healthy eating thread on here if that is your choice of how to lose the weight and you'd be made most welcome. :)

Have to agree with the food diary, one of the best pieces of advice I think.


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yep food diary rules!I HAVE TOMORROWS WRITTEN OUT AND FEEL RELAXED AND CONFIDENT THAT IT WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL DAY omg when did i go to caps anyway i willo do the same for the next day etc that will keep me on track

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3 healthy balanced meals a day and 2 snacks of fruit plus a nice bit of walking will see a weight loss. If you are on a budget I'd recommend calorie counting. If you can work out you BMR (google it) then you just need to aim to undercut that figure by 500 calories and you should see a 1lbs weigh loss a week.


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keeping strict count on making sure i get at least five fruit and veg a day has really helped me to feel full and at the same time lose weight:D

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