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I don't know where to post.


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I'm using up leftover LT from my first stint, just to shed a stone.

I'm having 2 shakes a day then a low fat, low carb dinner.

This week I've lost about 3lb.

Am I to post in this forum, refeed or just bugger off altogether because I'm not doing it properly?


Z x
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A little of everything!
Me & Summergurl are doing this! I'm sort-of posting everywhere at the minute? I've a half stone or so to try & get off and am using leftover shakes too as my pharmacist won't let me get any more because my BMI is too LOW!! I never thought that would happen!


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I'm in ketosis and trying to stay there. It's hard not to nibble during the day but so far so good. I've had salad for tea, bit of chicken, last night I had salmon and salad and one or two tiny potatoes...

What are you all eating?


A little of everything!
I've changed to 1 shake/2 meals at the minute because I've a fwe functions coming up, but my weight has sts so I'm okay with that. In a few weeks I'll be going back to 2 shakes/ 1 meal or maybe even TFR to try & get the last few lbs off?
I'm having mainly chicken or fish (no sauces, just a little herbs/spices sprinkled over?) with salad for lunch, and grilled mushrooms/courgettes/cauliflower/broccoli (whaterver is in the larder!)- sometimes with a little 1% cottage cheese mixed in for dinner?
I make up a big bowl of home-made brocolli or cauliflower soup and have a cup in between meals if I'm hungry? So far so good?
Hi Zayna. I am yo-yo ing around as I am technically maintaining...but keep stressing at the slightest bloating (as I have a really bad carb and sugar fix problem) and go back to a shake a day if I feel like I am losing control. Know I shouldn't keep relying on LT but having formed bad habits over eight years I am ok about this while I try and sort out my meals choices long term. Maybe we need our own place!

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