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  1. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I fully expect to be 'shot down in flames' but I have to say it ..................... I do not like the counselling element of LL.

    I know why I have gained weight and I don't need to go through group therapy to find out why.

    If I could have the packs without the counselling I would - no doubt about it.

    I know from reading the forums that a lot of people find the counselling to be a great help and also find the whole group experience to be useful and supportive. I don't!.

    My group is full of very pleasant women but I have no desire to delve into my inner realms with them and have no intention of doing so. I am very familiar with TA having studied it in university and used it in my work - the same goes for CBT and I think that is inadvisable that these techniques are used by those who are most likely not independently or sufficiently qualified to do so.

    I have no doubt that cousellors vary in terms of competence but I think it unlikely that the majority of LL counsellors possess the necessary knowledge and skills to use these techniques effectivly (perhaps even safely).

    The other thing I find a bit uncomfortable is this sense I am getting that people see LL meetings a bit like an AA meeting. People talk of "going to the group for support" or getting to a meeting before going to a function to help allay the risks of eating!

    I don't like it and I don't think its healthy.
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  3. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    I think you're perfectly entitled to your opinion, hun.

    What works for some, just does not work for others - a blanket approach doesn't cover everyone's toes.

  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hiya - know exactly what you mean...:rolleyes: not sure if I could bare my soul to complete strangers.... is there not a CDC near you that you could go to instead ?? that way you'd have more choice of packs and get the level of individual support that you need....:confused:

    AND it's half the price of LL !!!


  5. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    But you are paying for the councilling on top of your packs, if your not going to get the full use its a lot of money down the drain. Maybe changing to a different vlcd would be the better option for you.
  6. HelenG

    HelenG Member

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    Dashed good question Jeeves!
    My sentiments fersakerly!

    If you don't want the group sessions - could you not change to Cambridge - ½ the price and lots of choice.

    How come you chose LL if you were not comfortable with the CBT, if you don't mind me asking
  7. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    Yeah Helen I was just about to say that! Ive said it before and Ill say it again, if it wasnt for the counselling I would be off to CD as fast as my little podgy legs would carry me! More choice, and cheaper you would be mad to keep paying if your not enjoying it Fatpossum. Just explain gently to your counsellor that its not for you and run for it!
    Hope you succeed whichever plan you go with.
  8. RED

    RED Full Member

    Yep...go for CD...Thats what I was doin...but I needed the counselling thats why I changed over...but if i didnt need it...
    Theres a big difference between £66 and £32.55...think of what u could do with that extra cash LOL!!
  9. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    I didn't like bearing my sole when i was on LL, infact many times i either just sat there & listened or just said what my LLC wanted to hear. The counselling wasn't really doing me any good, although i know it works for many. I changed to CD, maybe it's worth thinking about doing the change?

    Do wants right for you hun:) .....Good luck with whatever you decide to do...xxx
  10. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Well you weren't shot down in flames.....

    I agree with everyone else, if I didn't like the counselling aspect of LL then I certainly wouldn't be paying for it, I'd be doing Cambridge instead.

    Don't know about it not being healthy, just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean that it's not a good thing - doesn't seem to be doing me any harm.

  11. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    Hi Chaps,

    Have checked out the Cambridge diet and it appears that I would have to go 'back to the start' in terms of a vist to the GP etc. I couldn't face it.

    I also see that they stay on the VCLD element for only 4 weeks at a time - at which point they 'add a meal' for a bit and then back to sole source again.

    I don't want to do anything to stop whatever weight I am losing at this stage so I shall have to grin and bear it.

    To be honest I am hoping to stay on LL until the end of May only and then switch to something like the Scarsdale Diet. That would enable me to cointinue to lose weight and get through the social occasion I have at the beginning of June - being able to eat fish and veg would not attract the attention I am so desperate to avoid.

    I am fortunate in that I do not have a large amount of weight to lose (about 2 and half stones at this stage) and I am hoping that I can do that in the next 5 weeks.

    Will keep you posted. Thank you all for your understanding responses.

  12. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Hey Fatpossum have you thought about lipotrim then, you dont need drs permission. It is done through participating chemists, costs £30 a week. The down side as you may see it are there are only 4 flavours, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and chicken soup.
    Just an idea....!
  13. cath2007

    cath2007 Full Member

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    Hi i do lipotrim and like sonia says there is no drs or counselling (I find this site helps me in that respect cos you can talk/type as much or as little as you want, and i get all the inspiration i need just by reading that other people have been through this and got through it before, you also get loads of support if you need it, and you can bear your soul if you want to or just lurk:eek:

    good luck with whatever you decide

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  14. Lighter me

    Lighter me Member

    Lighter Life

    I guess i would like to say I do find the counselling fantastic and my counsellor does hold the groups attention and gives enough space for our own thoughts so that I do come away from my meeting feeling poweful and in control even if it has been a bit emotional getting there

    I have read everyones answers to your post and my questions I guess and I dont mean this to be rude in anyway at all I am just so very interested:)

    Why did you join a counselling group and not go direct to CD as you said you already know why you eat, what to eat, and have the skills to self help :confused:

    This is such a support forum just as the LL groups are and you use this:confused:

    You just sound so very angry:mad:

    I know for me I did look long and hard at what I was going to do next as far a weight loss and have much to my supprise lost a stone in 2 weeks:) more than happy with than one!

    good luck with whatevery you choose, lossing weight is great whatever:D

    lighter Me
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  15. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    Hi there. :)

    If you don't have any medical conditions, take medication or have a BMI of over 40, then you wouldn't need to see your GP to start the Cambridge Diet. Also, you can do Cambridge without including the add-a-meal weeks, but are officially supposed to get a signature off your GP to do so. On the other hand, add-a-meal weeks are perfect for getting through the types of social events you've mentioned, as you could eat fish/meat and veg/salad!
    You certainly wouldn't be 'starting again', as you could simply begin Cambridge as you finish LL, so wouldn't have a gap inbetween.

    Obviously it's your choice, but, for me, Cambridge being half price would be quite a determining factor!!

    Jo x
  16. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Thanks for this very interesting thread. I fully understand that LL counselling does not suit everyone, and that there are some great alternatives out there.

    For me personally, I feel I have been very fortunate to find an LLC who genuinely seems to care about her clients, and from whose sessions I really benefit. Thats not to say I dont still have food issues, but bit by bit they are gradually losing their huge impact on me.

    I would def consider CD or LT as an alternative, with possibly,as has been suggested, private sessions with a counsellor. Why not give it a go?

    Also, My understanding is that the LLcs are fully trained to do this job; if you look at the back of your book you will see the organisation that LL is linked to. Mind you, if I am wrong, then I am doubly lucky to have an LLC whose help actually is worth something, I guess!

    All the best for whichever path you take.
  17. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member


    Thanks to all for the helpful information.

    Lighterme please be assured that I am not angry - quite the opposite.

    I think the quality of the LLCs do vary and it seems that I have been unlucky. Mine (and the 'locum' upon whom she depends very heavily) seem disinterested and distracted all the time. Getting a call back is pot luck and the general set up seems amaturish.

    Last week they ran out of packs (how could that have happened - the entire group is dependent upon them?) - I ended up with soup for every meal for two days - yuk! I couldn't face four so I cut back to three packs, which is not the idea.

    They got a new supply in later in the week but becuause of work I couldn't get into the office during their opening hours (2 - 3 hours a day). As I have already said both women are quite pleasant but I dread their efforts at 'counselling'.

    I opted for LL because I wanted quick weight loss and it was the best option open to me. I didn't even know that the Cambridge Diet existed so that's why I didn't explore that - no other reason.

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