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i dont like fruit


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i have bran flakes healthy extra B with milk as healthy xtra A or wholewheat bread with mushrooms beans and tomato etc
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I don't like veg so I can see how you struggle. how about bacon, egg and beans and mushrooms for breakfast. I asume you aren't wanting to use your heb at breakfast.
kippers and scrambled egg or samon.
is there no fruit you like? when I start sw I didn't eat veg it wasn't cause I didn't like it I soon found when I started trying veg it was because I had believed I didn't like veg for so long I didn't even try it and even now I know I like some veg I don't eat it. habit thing for me i guess.


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my eldest only eats apples. Doesnt like the texture of taste of any other fruit.x


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I don't believe you HAVE to.
SW advocates that you have 1/3 superfree with your meals, and it is really good to speed up your weight loss but I believe you can do it without the 1/3 for your breakfast.
When I first started EE, the 1/3 was just a suggestion. I didn't do it for every meal, and still don't.
As long as it is working for you, I wouldn't worry too much.


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I have never been a lover of fruit but since starting sw I do eat some most days just bananas or a very ripe pear (cant eat them hard) This time of year I will eat strawberries as long as they are english ones dont really like the spanish ones and very occasionally I will eat an apple has to be golden delicious or grapes if they are sweet enough if I eat one sour grape I wont touch the rest.
I love veg tho :D so getting that 1/3 superfree is not too difficult although I dont always have the 1/3 of superfree.
Its the superfree snacks I find more difficult but I am getting used to it and usually save some syns for snacks so I dont always have superfree for snacks either but I am still losing so thats all that matters atm :)

to get my 1/3 for breakfast I mix tinned tomatoes and mushrooms into a half a tin of baked beans and have that with eggs either on toast for HeB or as an omlette without the HeB
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the 1/3 superfree is only a suggestion to give best results. I very rarely have 1/3 superfree cause I don't eat veg.


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You could buy a juicer and jucie lots of fruits which are nice to drink rather than just eating the fruit.
Many juicers come with a recipe book.

For my breakfast i juice 3 apples then add a good blob of plain yoghurt in the blender with a banana or frozen berries. It's a lovely morning smoothie and lasts me till lunchtime before i'm hungry :)
hmmm yes a smoothe would be a good idea. i wasnt sure about it cos i l know orange juice bought isnt free. so could i juice oranges etc and make one. this is probably sounding v stupid"!!!!!!!!


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If fruit is juiced or blended you have to syn it - sorry x

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Dont forget though that fruit that has been juiced isnt free Hun. You have to syn it.


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How high is fruit in syns just out of interest? i find it very hard to eat lots of fruit and sometimes think a smoothie would be nice and as i dont tend to use my syns on anything but sauces I may use at evening mealtime i usually have plenty left over.


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Syns in pureed fruit some examples:

Apple - 28g = 0.5 syns
Banana - 28g = 1.5 syns
Blueberries - 28g = 1.0 syn

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So going by the same theory if I eat lots and lots of apples (I only eat one a day ATM as a snack if im hungry) will they be syned then?

I did see somewhere that you have to be careful how many bananas and grapes were eaten, but i thought these were the only 2. So is it the same for all fruit?


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I'm confused :confused: If i eat 3 apples they're free but if i put them in the juicer and drink the juice i have to syn it?? Well that doesn't make sense.
I thought bananas and grapes were free, am i reading the wrong book :rolleyes:
All fruit except avocados are free. In fact they are superfree. That includes bananas and grapes.

Some people feel that they are not comfortable eating too many bananas and grapes - that is up to them. They are free and you can eat them.

The rules about pureeing, cooking or juicing fruit may seem odd, but there is a logic behind it. A small glass of apple juice would go down in a flash and would not fill you up. The three (or however many) apples that went into it would take a lot longer to eat, would contain skin and fibre, and would be lot more satisfying.


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swizzle Bananas and grapes ARE free. If you eat alot and you STS or put on, you know where to cut back on, that's why it's a good idea to keep a diary, so that you can look back on the week and see how much you've eaten say of Bananas and Grapes and then you can cut back on them the next week.
When I told my sister, who is a consultant, that I was having a mashed banana on ryvita, she reminded me that if I was mashing the banana I would have to syn it (she's a stickler for the rules!).

I asked if I would have to syn it if I sliced it and she said no. So I told her I was slicing it with a fork!