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I don't like going to group...

The consultant is fantastic, but i just don't like going.
I don't find 'Image therapy' helps me at all.

The people get on my nerves. It seems some of them just don't want to do it and never really listen to the consultant, they just have a chat amongst themselves...

I'm going to WI at home on a Monday morning instead I think.

I know I have the support of everyone here and the lovely people on my Twitter too xo
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I am the same Brit. Stuck class out for a few weeks but just couldnt get on with it. Home WI FTW! x


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I felt similar when I was going to classes, everybody was nice enough but I don't think I was benefitting from it. Is it worth getting a twitter account? I have one for work purposes but I'm thinking of setting one up for personal/SW reasons! Either way, it's good to see you back Britt :) Hope it all goes well from home!

Emily x
Snap! I'm not returning to class and going at it with my books, mags and minimins because I refuse to pay for a class which does nothing for me except weigh me.

Good luck and enjoy ur class free nightsxx


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That's why I joined online- never looked back. The classes always seemed like a hassle because of work and I never really enjoyed the several I went to over the years- I always ended up giving up because of the consultant/other members or hassle of getting to class.

I joined on-line almost 3 years ago and lost all my weight and am currently maintaining- I only have myself to rely on and still had all the 'official' stuff from the wensite, and that worked for me. I know loads of successful SW's who love their class and it really motivates them, so it really does depend on the individual, but if classes are not working for you, maybe look into alternatives?

Good luck on whatever you decide
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I went to class a few years back after having my daughter, she's now six so more like five years ago I guess! I also found it uninspiring and clicy but I think that just takes time to get to know ppl. This time I'm doing it online, no problems sticking to plan plus with two small kids and a hubby who's self employed there was the risk with class that I might not get there some weeks and didn't want to miss weigh in.


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the reason i stopped going was because i used to go to a morning one and i'd get my daughter (about a yr old at time) looked after and have it as my "Me" time, and then i'd arrive and it'd be like a creche, with little children running around and crying :eek:
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What scales do you use to weigh at home. I can never seem to find a good reliable pair that weigh properly!!!!

The Wii was the worst ever!!!


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Totally agree with you, class isn't for everyone and if you are motivated enough to go it alone then you will succeed. Lots of luck x


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I never joined a class i have always done it from home!!
I WI Friday morning and i have done fine without going to a class.
I think if you have the self motivation and have forums like minimins and SW online you don't really need class!!!
Good luck going it alone!!!

I think it all depends on the group. I've been to lots of different ones (over 8 years and 4 towns!), and have found them very hit and miss.

For me, I enjoy sitting in weigh in thinking to myself 'I've lost more than you' - I know it's small, and silly, but it's that which keeps me going. Strange as I'm never competitive in anything else!!

Of all the different groups i've been two, i've only found 2 which were worth staying. The first good group was my first group - the consultant knew the plan inside out, always kept the meeting to the point, whilst also being sociable and very very informative, and even the 'lifers' in the group who weren't really there to lose weight, still got involved in the meeting.

The second was the group I've just re-joined, and the original consultant was brilliant - she had good and bad days like everyone else on the plan, and she was happy to share her ups and downs. She was also very supportive of everyone individually, so everyone felt like they had her attention when they needed it. It's a different consultant now, and she's not as good (well that my opinion anyway), but the dynamic within the group seems to have remained. So I'm going to stick it out.

I've found at a lot of the groups though, people aren't really there to lose weight, the consultants often don't know the plan 100%, or can be patronising and not keen to have members share information between themselves. I also think a lot of people are very uninspired to clap 40 times over, or last year when they had that stupid 'game' in class where two sides of the room were supposed to be competing for points each week - Just a waste of time, made the meeting longer and seemed completely pointless!

Anyway, I guess my point is that there's a lot of groups out there that sadly don't offer the support and inspiration that they should, but there are also those that do!
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if you are confident that you can do it at home then go for it! Thats what I'm doing.

I wasn't fussed on the group I went to a while ago, like you said, they had their own groups and they used to just sit there gabbing...I thought they were really rude and I have to really stop myself from saying anything!!

Lesley x
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I had a problem with my old one, I didnt feel comfortable and it was in a big cold room. so I moved to a different and I love it. From day one I found my voice there and join in the discussions and the consultant is brilliant, I love her to bits. So maybe finding another group that suits you will make all the difference but also like other people said on here, if u have the willpower and strength to do it at home. Go girl!


Just doing it this time
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I felt the same at quite a few clubs I went to - fortunately this last one I joined in August 2010 is brilliant, lovely friendly people and a laugh. I do get fed up during image therapy sometimes - and so I stay for half hour, have a hi fi bar and a cuppa and then get on my way home.

Love it now that I'm included in the group too.

However, IF you can do it from home on your own then good luck to you, I know that with me, if I break away from group I tend to forget my weigh in if I've been a bit naughty, if I gain - think - oh it's only a pound no one will know etc and in the past I have regained any weight plus more that I lost in the first place. I am hoping with this group that I stay and weigh for life - sad as it sounds, but that is what we have to do.


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I enjoyed the ssshhh (WW) class better but liked the SW plan. In WW there isn't this stupid apathetic "OH lets clap for Rosie she has lost wow half a pound " scenario. In WW people are asked how many had a good week and how many not so good. The weight loss is cumulative for the group which is much better. I hate the fact that people who are near the end of their journey never get rewarded for losing another pound even though it took them hell and high water to do so whereas someone who has more to lose and had been munching on mars bars and crisps still gets more praise because the reduction in numbers on the scale are greater. I didn't like the fact that children are encouraged to lose weight when they should be achieving stasis to allow their growth to catch up. One 12 year old was given huge amounts of praise one week for losing 4 lbs. I worked out her BMI on a paediatric chart at work and she was on the lowest normal line.
My daughter and I both got accused of cheating by one consultant as neither of us had lost weight. We said no and she pushed and pushed saying try to remember all the little biscuits at home etc We don't have things like that in. My daughter left in tears and stuffed her face on the way home. Any way rant over each to their own. I for one will not be returning xx
I joined a group in Cambridge two years ago and didn't like it at all. There is so much marketing speak tied up in how SW sell themselves - all this stuff about "synergy" and "food optimising" when really it works because it's a healthy diet that gets you to make healthy choices - and my consultant just spouted that instead of giving any tips about nutrition which I would have found useful. Also wasn't sure about some of her advice, like that we should be eating practically all the time because we could gain weight by not eating enough (surely we should listen to our body's signals and eat when hungry and stop when full?). She also was disappointed with my first week's loss - 1/2lb - and said I must be doing it wrong. Well I was pleased with the 1/2lb: I often have small losses and I'm quite happy with that, as long as it's still a loss!

A lot of people didn't seem to want to be there. There was one woman who made me laugh, there was a conversation which went like this:

Lady: I'm not losing any weight.
Consultant: And have you been sticking to the plan?
Lady: No, not really.
Consultant: Well, we're here to help you. I wonder if you could make some small changes to your lifestyle, like doing a ten-minute walk every day or having skimmed milk?
Lady: Oh no, I'm not doing that.

I really think she thought she could join a diet club and they would just wave a magic wand so she could become her ideal weight overnight!

Anyway, I only went to two classes, then tried to go it alone, but I am rubbish if I don't get weighed regularly and didn't lose anything so now am rejoining. I live at the other end of the country in Yorkshire now, so am hoping for a better group.

Question: is it usual for consultants to ask you to predict a loss for the following week and try to achieve it? My Cambridge consultant did that and I didn't like it at all - I have no idea how much I'll lose in a week! All I know is I'll try to stick to the plan 100% and see where I end up.
I enjoyed the ssshhh (WW) class better but liked the SW plan.
I agree, much prefer SW diet but WW classes I found far more useful, with tips on how to get more nutrients in your diet, the benefits of protein, calcium etc, plus less patronising somehow. However, at WW they did always seem to have another product to sell: every week the leader would start by saying "We have a new cookbook out, it's great, I don't know how I lived without it, I only have limited stock so buy buy buy!" And they were never cheap either. One thing I liked about SW was the little paperback cookbooks with 100 recipes for only £2.95, which I found really useful.
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They do like to ask you how much weight you will lose each week. I assume it is their training and the idea is to give you a mini goal to make your overall target seem more achievable. If that doesn't work for you then just tell your consultant and she will stop asking you (if she doesn't then she is not doing her job properly). The better your consultant knows you as a person the more she will be able to help you. When I started I sent a long email with my diet history, my reasons got losing weight this time and a bit about myself. She said it was really helpful as it's easier to motivate individual people if she knows what makes people tick. I'm sure there are "scripted" bits to the group meetings but a really good consultant is a full time support who gets to know their members. So if she doesn't change then change groups.

Oh! Now I sound like the SW marketing team! I dont mean to and I don't work for SW in any way. I just know that I have been to about 8 different groups over the years and only 2 of the consultants were any good.

Good luck x
... just tell your consultant and she will stop asking you (if she doesn't then she is not doing her job properly).
Thanks OrangeRachel, I will speak to my new consultant when I start on Monday. I never know how much weight I will lose when sticking to diet plans: some week it is half a pound, another week 3lbs, it's very random. I am always happy just to see a loss, especially as I have less to lose. I also seem to stay the same or gain when it is TOTM, but I'd rather not share full details of my menstrual cycle with the whole group really!

I don't think you sound like the SW marketing team, you didn't mention synergy once!
Wow. I didn't know so many people felt the same as me!

I'm definitely going it alone.

I really do like my consultant but the whole group thing... I dunno...

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