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I don't like laxatives


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I had this problem when i was using dulcolax. They did the job they were meant to but i know about the cramps! Felt like passing glass, square marbles!! TMI sorry
But once i started on SS+ and then moving up the plans it got better, must be the fruit, and i had to use the sennakot for a week or so but now i am au naturel!!

Lots of mentions on the forums about physillium husks (not sure if this is correct spelling) once you get rid of the constipation as a preventative i think. never used it but a lot of people swear by it.

Good luck! xx


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I find dulcolax really quite agressive... 1 tablet isn't enough and two really is too much, I suffer the same as you with cramps... they were so bad that they woke me from sleep! and then the large, sharp 'rock' would pass, very quickly followed by a rather loose motion (sorry tmi!) :( It was never a pleasant experience.

Now I take fibre 89 in EVERY shake and I use a sennokot max strength if I begin to feel like there's something waiting to come and is 'reluctant' :eek:

The fibre really helps to soften it and I find and the senna is an altogether more gentle, but still effective, way to move things along in a more 'normal' fashion and if it doesn't work the first day you simply take one more the next day. Although I have to say that I've not needed a second dose up until now!


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yup.....exactly the same here hun!
I dont enjoy taking them, but they are a necessary evil....the natural ones are sh*t for me, so i use dulcolax but its not pleasent!
better than messing up my system by not pooing at all....
when i had my 810 week, i was pooing naturally...and it was fab so its just a temporary measure! :D
Oooohh those dulcolax are evil. I swear to god i thought i was going to pass a vital organ....they are so strong. Did the job though ;)
I would suffer badly with constipation so while doing cd I use physillium husks and fibre 89 every shake/soup and make up extra if I have a bar. I don't go every day by any means but 2-3 times per week! (sori if thats tmi) I am not allowed duclolax but occasionally have had to use movicol- not sure if its allowed on cd but its much much gentler


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Oh God! This has reminded me to start using the Fibre 89 again. I always forget because I have tetras and I hate putting it in water!

I remember I was using less that quarter of a teaspoon a day and clearly it was too much (I won't go into detail). So I stopped using it and then I swear I was nearly sick it was so painful!!! Definite glass effect! So I think I should perhaps try half a teaspoon every 2 days and see how that goes.

Funny how it effects us all differently! x


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Oh dear:( Do you take a preventative? Fibresure, or Fibre89? They do usually work and are safe to take regularly. (like in each shake every day throughout the course of the diet)

Laxatives on the other hand you shouldn't take regularly as your body can get reliant on them.

BTW, never take ducolax whilst on Cambridge. It's much too strong for a VLCD. Sennokot is better and if that doesn't work, try again but with a glycerin suppository the other end ;)

Never take fibresure or Fibre 89 if you are constipated. Only when the blockage is clear.


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It was my CDC who recommended Dulcolax KD

Laura Croft

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A vote here for Movicol (approved by my CDC). It's a lot more gentle and never has an immediate effect on me. I then take psyillium husks as a preventative till I forget, then repeat Movicol etc. Nettle tea can also help too :)


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Has anyon used Fybogel from their GP? I have some but havent tried it yet in case its too much.


please try again
dolcolax was explained to me like swallowing a tiger and it clawing its way out, not good experience.

be careful of movicol as some types contain citric acid

keep up with the fibre suppliments, i had to take double doses of pysillum husks for it to work and needed a bit more water


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I know a thing or two about Pharmaceuticals.... I can tell you that
Dulcolax is not known to be safe if taken over long periods of time. There is no data to support it. However it is safe to take occasionally. It works by increasing secretions in the bowel and speeding up peristalsis (ie greases the passage and making things move more quickly)

Sennakot, however is safe to be taken over long periods of time. It is common for elderly patients to take 2 tablets every night for years and years. Senna is just a pergative so it just speeds up the passage of poo:eek:, perfect when you are less mobile as your peristalsis slows too as you age... (the elderly obsession with bowels is, afterall, justified!)

Movicol works using different receptors, is also a purgative, but also adds bulk that remains soft. It's actually very clever! I'm not too sure about long term data.

Lactulose just increases the secretions (greases the way), as it doesn't pass the blood placenta barrier it is safe to take in pregnancy. It is also used in infants and is known to be safe there too.... it is however a sugar laden syrup, which IMO tastes completely foul!

Fibregel is a bulking agent... so it gives you something to get rid of it is by far and away the most natural, gentle method of preventing constipation, but it may take several days before you get a 'result', and is best used as a prophylaxis (preventative) once you have things moving it is advisable to keep taking it... 2-4 times a week is usually sufficient when on a VLCD... remember you're not taking in any where near the volume of food that your body was used to and therefore you cannot expect to 'go' that often. You do have to be able to down the whole glass quickly in one go as the stuff solidifies quite quickly! There is some flavourings in some, the very strict amongst us may say it's not suitable for VLCD.... I personally think it's the lesser of two evils...

Fibre 89 is inulin a natural fibre that is derived from Chicory roots. It's a preventative rather than a cure, so if you have to take a laxative, it's a good idea follow up laxative relief with regular fibre 89 or fibresure to continue to enjoy normal bowel movements!!
dolcolax was explained to me like swallowing a tiger and it clawing its way out, not good experience.

This made me laugh and also wince as i know exactly what it was like!! LOL
Sure i was doing the panting that you see women in labour doing and eyes :cry:were watering (sorry if TMI ) but i know some will understand!!


please try again
pooing on cd was a lot more difficult then giving birth for me, my bubba was only 1lb 9oz so only took a couple pushes rather then the half hour of sweating, heavy breathing and crying pushing a cd poop took

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