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i dont think i can do it

I can't even bring myself to make a milkshake :( wish i had a flapjack to nibble on.


food is not my friend!
Aww hun stick at it, we all know the feeling of being so desperate for food that even the packet the shakes come in starts to look good! but its so worth it, just take it one at a time, and take your mind off food by doing a few small exercises or making a list of why you want to lose weight, when you feel like giving up just get up and do something, treat yourself to a nice hot bath or paint your nails, think making yourself beautiful, instead of making yourself feel worse by eating. How far into the diet are you hun?? xxx
This is day 4. I made myself a milkshae and feel a bit better now, thanks for replyng.

I really think id do better if i knew i had a flapjack to nibble.

This is hard for me as i really used to stuff my face :sigh:


food is not my friend!
I was the same hun I used to eat loads, snacking all the time as well as big portions, ah day 4 is the worst day, once you get through this its easier from there because your ketones will start suppressing the drive to eat, so just stick with it =D Im glad you feel a bit better its an awful feeling isnt it! I bought a set of small dumbells and when I got the urge to snack watching tv I would do a few reps instead and repeat in my head, food is not my friend =P I know it sounds silly but it worked for me haha! xxx
no, not silly at all, anything that works for you and gets you through.


i hope i go into ketosis soon, cause im really hungry.


food is not my friend!
You should be in ketosis tomorrow most probably hun, when you wake up and dont like the taste of your own breath then you're in =P I wasn't all that hungry its more that I wanted to eat out of habit, so I just occupied myself with other things like exercise or pampering myself!
The first week is hard but once you see that huge number on the scales at your first weigh in it feels so good that you got there and all of a sudden you dont get the urge to give up like on other diets where the weight loss is slower, it becomes totally worth it =D xxx
i really like your 2nd mini goal, ive wanted that for a long time :)


food is not my friend!
Im 1st and 4lbs away now lol, I made him weigh for that mini goal and I was like, damn you for weighing so little =P I need to update my mini goals as well, going to be a size 14 dress next time =P. What are some of your other mini goals hun? xxx


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Hey gang, don't give up, just take it a day at a time, it WILL get easier. I love Lipotrim! Love the weight losses too! Yes, as Brochmor says distract yourself from thinking about food and nibbling, painting your nails is my distraction as I can't eat when they are wet. As for the flapjack - you aint tried it yet! I would sooner eat the paper packet that the shakes come in than eat the flapjack! Stay tuned to keep you motivated.


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MummyPigsBigTummy said:
i really dont,

i feel sick :( i dont want a milkshake i want something to eat :cry:

im going to finish the week but i don't know if i can do it again next week

You really can do it. Just do it shake at a time and when you get to your first weight in that will be all the motivation you need to keep going for a bit more. First week is torture but think how good you will feel about yourself when you come through it. everyone on here is here to support you. Xx
I know exactly how you feel lol im on day four too!
It is hard i know, but you probably have better will power than me!
Maybe see how you feel after your first weigh in but DEFFO keep it up for a week!
I cant really talk cos im stickin it out a week then going onto slimfast where ill be allowed a meal a day. Just using this as a kickstart as it is a lot more expensive and i physically cannot do it. Lol fail.
But whatever tou choose to do, i wish u the best of luck and happy weight loss! :) x


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Sounds silly but try eating a mint when you get hungry. I have recently been through a pretty stressful time and something that was making this feel worse was my weight. So when i usually get "bored" and want a snickers or mars bar or something i bought a pack of Trebor mints. Everytime i wanted to go have a snack i just popped a mint in my mouth and let it dissolve.

This way my breath was minty and i didnt have any cravings. This was before i started the LT diet which HOPEFULLY i will begin next week as my chemist just told me i need to book an appointment :(

Hope everything is going well, chin up and remember it WILL be worth it in the end.


food is not my friend!
Ah sorry TomTom86 but we aren't allowed mints or chewing gum on lipotrim because of the carb content! Even most mouthwashes are out of bounds! xxx


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At this stage I wouldnt go near mints either! Anything can throw you off so stick with it!!