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I dont think I can do this...............

I thought day 3 was bad..... well day 5 is HELL

Im so hungry, BUT havent had my lunchtime shake as the thought of it is making me retch.....

I pretty sure Im going to crumble, Ive got a stinking head ache, along with period pains and dizzy spells. I NEED (not want) food to comfort me............

Been in a meeting all afternoon with my manager who is worries about me as Im so pale and quiet (paleness isnt a worry Im a goth so an added bonus, but Im not often quiet)

Everything is an effort I want to eat but dont want to let myself down, but dont think Ill have the energy to carry on unless I have something. IF I was to cheat what would the 'best' thing be to cheat on? Chicken? Tuna? sugar free jelly?

Oh god why did I ever sign up for this?????
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Goth.. That is EXACTLY what you need to remind yourself - Why you signed up for it.

You CAN do it, the feeling will pass.. Have a long soak in the bath, go for a walk (with your water) or have an early night...

No offence to anyone reading this, but we are all on here for the same reasons as you.. We are overweight and want quick results. Unfortunately those quick results come at a price... IT IS BLOODY HARD TO DO!! Everyone on this diet/forum has gone through what you are going through hun, and have scraped through it.. YOU CAN TOO!!!

Every bit of nutrition that your body needs is in the shakes/crapjacks, and not having all your shakes daily will not be good for you.... You will go downhill through lack of nutrition..
You don't NEED food to comfort you.. That is possibly what got you (and a lot of us) in this situation.. Comfort eating!!

Come on hun.. you can do this.. we are ll behind you!! x x x
Thanks Su, have just had a little weep and decided I HAVE to carry on, I have all my facebook friends backing me up and asking for constant updates so I feel like I cant fail as I have 500 and odd friends knowing Im doing this (went public purposley so Id be shamed if I cracked)

Have made half my lunchtime chocolate with the mint tea like yesterday and going to have it now

And you are right I eat cos Im bored, and eat for comfort, normally when its TOTM I would just pig out and use it as an excuse

WELL not this time

Thanks SU, youare exactly what I need right now! and if I knew how to do the thanks thing on here I would

Instead I shall send you cyber gothic hugs
You are very very welcome hun, and thank you x x x


Doing it exante style :)
Im sooo glad you've got over that crappy spell. Theres gonna be more o them to come so make sure the first thing you do is sign on here when you feel like that xx

Oh and remember..... Facebooks watching you :giggle:
Hi Gothicqueen

Keep going gal, the 1st week is the HARDEST, it gets a lot easier once you get into the flow, give yourself time. Stick closely to the plan and within a few weeks you will feel quite saintly. I feel quite enegetic already, I think those fatty fry-ups and high sugar treats make me personally feel more ill than LT ever can.
Don't give up yet :patback:
Glad you haven't caved in hun-what would I do without my diet buddy! :D There's only a few more hours left to go and then thats another day over with. Like Su said, have a bath/early night. Watching tv doesn't help as every other advert is about food!!! :mad: I had to keep turning over last night lol. You might (hopefully!) feel better tomorrow. Have you tried ketosticks? At least you would know that you are burning fat and that might spur you on.
Keep at it hun!
Lou x
hey Looby how are you doing?

I ordered some on ebay and just waiting for them to arrive.

have just read with interest the post of various ways to 'cook' the shakes, so am going to try Im craving chewing something LOL

I do actually 'feel' slimmer in the fact that my pants are not diggingin me...... so thats good! how have you got on today?
well just to report that I used my half chocolate that I was saving for bed and made a muffin with it

OMG!!!!!!!! it was amazing!!!!!!!

will be getting a higher percentage of chocolates from the pharmacy on Thursday I think! hot chocolate AND a warm muffin out of one sachet!!!!! well think I have found a way to make this work for me.

I still have my tea time sachet to have so wll be trying one of te other receipes on the thred!!!!
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Hopefully that will make it all more bearable for you x x x
Ooh that sounds lovely! Glad you're feeling better and great news that your pants aren't digging in! :D
Well I've got through today (somehow :sigh:) had a rubbish nights sleep because of my cold (and needing to go to the loo 50 million times grr!!) so had no energy whatsoever. Luckily I only work part time, so I've just had a lazy day...don't think I would have coped if I'd been at work. Can't wait till I start noticing the results. Thanks for asking hun :)
Lou x


Will be thin god dammit!!
oooohhh how did you do the muffin hun?
Day 6 for me and itys been bloody hard but hopefully tomorrows weigh in will make it all worth while
There is a receipe thread, and there are loads of different ways on there

I only used half a sachet and mix it with a tiny bit of water and a couple of sweeteners and microwaved it for just under a minute

some people on the other thread said it was salty but I didnt find it to be, I had it with the other half sachet made as a hot chocolate, proper comfort food LOL, I actually feel like Ive cheated as I enjoyed it that much LOL


Will be thin god dammit!!
thanks hun and glad your feeling better x

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