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I don't understand what is going on!

Hi everyone

I am sorry to write a negative message but I really need some help and advice.

Okay here is the situation....I weigh myself on thursdays and last thursday I had a good weigh in and had dropped to 12st 2ibs. SInce then my weight has been going up to 12st3ibs then 12st4ibs, the 12st3ibs again etc etc (weigh myself at the same time every morning).

I am on 790 and made a real effort to not cheat or eat to much since last thursday. I have also upped the exercise seriously (do at least a 20 min run 6 days a week, or a 1 hour class of boxercise/spinning/step/body conditioning).

Now today a week on, I have weighed myself again (although on my boyfirends scales which are more sensitive but only by about 1ib) and I weigh 12st 6ibs!! I was 12st 7ibs 2 weeks ago!! I have put ON 4ibs since last thursday!

I am not one to hide when I cheat, I did eat carbs on Tuesday. I have done this before (actually on the weekend of the week I dropped down to 12st 2ibs!). Although I know this is bad and would affect my weight, it does not explain the gradual increase before it.

This is all seriously disheartening. Makes me wonder why bother, I still want to get to 11st or 11st 6ibs (I have quite an athletic build/muscular). Should I just do it through exercise (which I love) and calorie counting?

I had adjusted to the fact that on this diet I was having a good loss then a bad loss then a good loss etc, but I still LOST...not put on.

Sorry for the essay....please help if you can.


Amina xx
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jelly belly
could it be you are building muscle with all the exercise you are doing
that weighs more
or water retention maybe
sounds like you are doing everything right
not sure what to suggest


Silver Member
could be that your muscle weighs more.

can you go by dress size and inch loss rather by weight?
If you're doing a lot of exercise you need to increase your water consumption as you're losing water through exercise. If you're not drinking enough, your body will retain water, which really does show on the scales. Have you taken your measurements as a loss will show on a tape measure even when the scales are going up.

Don't lose heart, you are doing so well and if you are sticking to the plan you WILL lose weight, on that amount of calories you can't not lose weight and you certainly won't put on. It's difficult to keep the faith when the scales aren't moving, or even worse going up, but the weight will come off, just stick with it and drink plenty. It could all come off just as quickly and you'll soon be on the down again.

All the best


Staff member
Hi Amina,

Very seldom do you get scales that have the same calibration, so your best just to weigh on the one set of scales and go by that, otherwise it will do your head in.

Is your body measurements reflecting this increase in weight:confused:

The weather is very hot and you could well be retaining water. Women retain water due to fluctuating hormone levels and more so when on a diet.

Has the increase occurred with your upping your exercise:confused:

For you could be over doing the exercise and your body will go into defensive mode to protect itself.

The last stone seems to be the hardest bit of weight to lose.

It is possible now that you have not far to go weight wise that you may actually lose weight if you increased your calorie intake especially as you are so into exercise.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks everyone...well I'm not going to give up, keep on going and see look forward to next thursday's weigh in. I love exercising and will keep on doing it as it will help get me into a good life pattern of health and fitness which includes keeping at goal weight when the time comes.

You go through so many emotions on this diet!!


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