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i dont wana be a xmas pudding this year again!!!


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This is me. I have lurked for ages but only just starting to post and now i need your help pleeeeeassse.
After numerous attempts to redo ss (after having lost 4 stone and regaining 1 and a half) i am back. However this time, i have a different plan. I am rejoining the gym tomorrow and planning on combining cd - not ss -with quite a vigorous exercise regime. (did this with ww a few years ago and it worked well - until i stopped going to the gym - but now i need to be stricter food wise, hence cd).
My exercise hopefully will be 3 days of light weights at gym and 45mins cardio. In between my gym visits i plan to do a little skipping and trampolining at home with the kids, anything to give them a laugh!!! Oh yes and i do mean a little, ie 5 mins everyday. If i can get the gym more i will try to but at the moment it will be hard with the kids home for summer. Exercise isnt the problem i have, its the food, i binge and i binge and i binge on crap, not because im hungry but because i can, ie when the kids wind me up i turn to foos, but no more. This hopefully is my turning point. I hope that both exercise and cd will do it for me this time. I rememebr how good i used to feel when i exercised and didnt want to then cheat. So here i go.
My aim is to lose 2 stone to be happy or 3 stone to be ecstatic by xmas. I already have some xmas doos booked in and i do not plan to be a xmas pudding this year!!!!!
I hope i can stay true to my plan coz i am fed up with feeling uncomfortable again and tired all day long.
Im gonna keep thinking xmas xmas xmas.

Good luck everyone starting or restarting or continuing with cd. We can do this, we can.

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Good luck with that, sounds like a very healthy plan to be doing, im just waiting for confirmation from docs that i can rejoin the gym grr stupid people. I'm the same can only successfully lose weight with lots of exercise and i usually binge eat becoz i love the taste of food particularly chocolate. I'm sure you'll be able to reach your goal by christmas!!!!
If you want a "christmas cracker" diet partner instead of a "christmas pudding" partner I will do it!!!!... my LBD (or right now not so little) is calling me and its my 27th then too and I don't want another birthday avoiding the camera.....Good luck you sound like you have things figured and focussed