I don't wanna diet, well I do really...

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  1. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member


    Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. Until a couple of weeks ago I was just getting on with dieting and life etc and there didn't seem to be much required by me here...

    When I first started dieting this place was my lifeline - I really needed minimins... But I guess I have since grown (mentally that is I will continue shrink physically :)...) and I am much less involved in dieting emotionally now. Which I think is a good thing, of course I still have days when I feel low but hey I am human...

    Anyway the reason I am here is well I am struggling... I went off to Malta a couple of weeks back and I had a fab holiday and ate whatever I wanted. Loved every minute of it and came home to discover I had put on two pounds...

    The odd thing is the weight gain doesn't bother me. And I don't want to diet anymore, I do actually want to carry on with my diet, but I don't too. I want to eat bad food:mad::mad::mad:.

    I am now starting to understand why sometimes dieting actually in the longer term makes people gain weight, my eating habits have been appauling the last few days. I certainly never ate like this pre-diet - I had things in moderation!

    Anyway I am stating here, that it all stops right now! I shall no longer eat chocolate or any other sugary treats. I will eat low gi only. And I thought I would suggest that we all write 5 reasons why we want to/must diet so that we can keep these in mind as we struggle back to the diet over the next few days.

    Curvy Chicken's reasons...

    1. Clothes, it is shallow but I don't care.;) I must remember at all times that when I at my goal weight I have justification to buy all the clothes I ever wanted. I'm seriously thinking about a shopping trip in New York.

    2. Health - no more disapproving looks from the doctor.

    3. Piggybacks... My boyfriend offers me piggybacks and I always turn him down. He can't wait for me to be at my goal weight so he can give me a piggy back. I want piggy backs :( now! But I must be patient.

    4. My self confidence is already much improved by my weightloss so far. I want to know how I will feel at 9 stone and slim as I have been overweight my entire life.

    5. My parents live in Malta so I don't see them as often as I would like. I would love to be at my goal weight by the next time I visit them to see their surprise at skinny me.

    I will keep all of that in mind - I am stronger than sugar - I don't need it!!!

    Luv CC xx xx xx
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  3. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Good Luck Curvy.

    You know that once you drop the sugar completely you won't crave it anymore. Gi is a wonderful plan if you do it properly very satisfying.

    You have such wonderful reasons to get back on track and to goal so go for it!

    Dizzy x
  4. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Thanks Dizzy - thats a very good point too - the GI diet does give me masses of choice, I should focus on what I can have rather than missing sugar!

    Luv Cc xx xx xx
  5. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    I enjoyed a Tesco Healthy Living Date and Walnut slice now and again when I was doing low Gi. Need to keep them in the cupboard out of sight though during moments of weakness.

    I hope to get back to eating low Gi in a few months time.

    Dizzy x
  6. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Dear Dizzy please tell me more.
    I've a sort of gut feeling that my life will be better long term without sugar & all lowGi.But I don't know why i feel this.
    pleae can you expand on your comment above.
  7. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Well I seem to have got through my first day without chocolate! Woo Hoo! And all my meals were low gi - been good!

    I seem to find it easier to diet at work so I'm hoping that tomorrow will go well too.

    Am tired from a hard day's ebaying but I must, must get rid of all these clothes that are too big!

    Anyway think I will have a shower then an early night!

    Luv Cc xx xx xx
  8. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    I miss sugar :(:(

    I hate giving it up :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    It makes me feel like some kind of junkie - I desperately want it even though I am not hungry - its in my brain all the time!


    Anyway I have a new book from my favourite author (Haruki Murkami - he is a genius and possibly God ;)) I am going to read his book and think about that instead.

    Luv Cc xx xx xx
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