i dont want to eat!


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hey guys n gals.
as some of u know i am planning on returning to cd in february when there will be a slightly beneficial financial change in my life.
Now i find im having an unusual problem ( for me anyway ).
ive been thinking about my returning to cd for at least 2 months and in the last week or so ive made a definate decision to return to it and am feeling very optimistic and excited about the whole idea.... but for some reason my head has got itself so geared up and ready for it that i no longer want to eat.
its like my willpower to sustain from food has kicked in already.
when i eat now i feel instantly sick and am left with an almost guilty feeling. i know this is cause i simply have no desire to eat. this is a most strange feeling for me as i generally love my food.
i am considering maybe doing a few weeks of slimfast now before my restart in february. i really cant face 3 meals a day right now so maybe if i have 2 slimfast shakes i will be able to have an evening meal.
I just pray my willpower sticks around to this degree and strength when i DO restart in february.
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sounds like a great plan and you will be able to ease yourself onto CD much easier if you do 2 slimfast and a low carb meal .. you will be very close to ketosis before you start so will be much easier for you :)
Good luck and keep us posted as to how you get on :)


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Ditto what Determinator wrote... good plan. Ease yourself into doing a VLCD and it should make the "side effects" a bit better.