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I dont want to give up but ....

Hi fellow dieters, I started my diet on weds, i felt great the first 2days but wasnt keen on the soup and porridge but i managed to keep it down, but yesterday and today i kust dont seem to be able to stomach anything, just the smell is making me feel sick. Im on ss and really wanted to stick to this, but i'm not eating anything really and dont want to starve myself. Im not really hungry so thats not a problem but i know i cant just stop eating altogether. On friday my cdc sway soups for different shakes and bars which i was grateful for but im not having any success whatsoever. do you think it would be best for me to just stop the cd altogether or any other solutions? :cry:
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Poor you....its difficult to find something you will like - but hang in there as it wont be long until you can have bars and they are yummy.

I cant stomach any of the soups either, and have only just started going back to the porridge. The key is in the blending! Try the shakes with freezing water and/or ice and blend away! marvellous. That, plus Tetras and bars have gotten me through.

Good luck, its so worth sticking to CD

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Try to stick it out and buy some variety of flavours so you can picka nd choose theones you like and will stick to. For me, the Mix-a-mousse was the revelation as it made the shakes so much better so have a go with that before considering stopping. 13 or so weeks in, I just have the choc/choc mint mousse and 2 varieties of bars so I have found that I found what I liked and have stuck to it. Your CDC seems to be willing to swap so you just need to experiment
Good luck


please try again
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i find blending the shakes with a load of ice and a little water so it ends up the texture of ice cream helps on the days i cant seem to drink the shakes and mix a mousse to turn my choc mint into mousse is my evening luxary, tends to be rather late when i have that one


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You can go to the 810 plan whenever YOU want. Some folks spend the entire time on the higher levels and still make great losses. I have lost 3 lbs some weeks (in the past) when on the 1000 plan and on the 810 the losses are almost as good as on SS

Thats good news steve i will take all the tips on board and if i still cant stomach the food all the time i will ask to go on 810 next week and maybe having a little bit of chicken or tuna etc will be enough to keep me drinking the shakes!!
thanks again


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Hi Cheryl

I'm the eccentric one on this site who advocates 'hot shakes' - I can't bear them cold, particularly now as I am feeling cold with ketosis (boo!).
Please do stick at CD as the weight losses are so good, regardless of the plan followed. My friend on Slimming World seems to be the frequent 'slimmer of the week' at her SW group - her loss is 12 pounds in 5 weeks. Which is good (people should make informed choices about the diet that best suits them), but I would have become disheartened.
Good Luck!


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I prefer most of the shakes better warm it really is a case of finding what you like and sticking with it.


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oh and also tastes change when I first started I couldnt stomach some flavours that I now actually love.


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I was exactly the same in my first week, practically everything went down the sink. I spoke to my CDC and she let me have tetras and bars... it was either that or I wouldn't have been able to continue, I think she could see how bad a time I was having. I haven't looked back since, I live of tetras and peanut and cranberry bars as I still can't stomach anything else, but once you identify those things you like it is plain sailing. I also crush ice and blend the tetras which makes them like a thickshake.

Speak to you CDC, but stick with it, and make sure you are having the correct number of meals, otherwise you will make yourself ill.