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I eat because I am bored


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I have a wee confession, last night I ate a small can of slimming world tuna in mayo. why? because i was bored. There was no need for me to eat, my stomach was growling, i wasnt stressed, just bored.

i think my willpower takes a leave of absense at 9.30pm.
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Cambridge Counsellor
I wish I could say that as a Cambridge Counsellor I have the answer for that one. But at least your boredom eating was tuna. Mine was chocolate. Oh well. Better luck tonight for both of us.

Actually tonight I'm going to make some Cambridge cream biscuits, because late at night that's what I want, biscuits or something junky like that. And that because of my upbringing of no biscuits cakes or anything nice is the way its going to be for a long time.


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i always crave meat and fish. yesterday in tescos i was looking longingly at the cooked meats wanting to eat some. in the end i bought ham for everyones elses sandwiches because i dont like ham.

cambridge cream biscuits? please share.


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There's probably a recipe bit on here somewhere, just make small crisps (milkshake and water to a paste and nuke in microwave) and sandwich some crisps with some milkshake powder made into a paste. It bears now resemblance to biscuits, but for me it really doesn't matter, I'd rather eat more CD than I should that eat half a bar of £$&*&*$ chocolate at night.

Oooh 10lbs gone in 1 week, well done you.


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wish i could be in bed at 9.30, hubby needs medication at 10. i am working on a doll tonight, hopefully that will help.


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Good point. I've got various bits and bobs of craft stuff that I could do. But then I've also got a whole wealth of apathy. Ah well.:blahblah:


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I always save my last bar of the day for that 9pm picky stage, that works for me. DH jokes that he doesn't know what I'll do when I get to goal - I keep telling him it's no problem I will have a CD bar every day from here on to eternity! :)


i love minimins me :)
Eating when i am bored, is also one of my downfalls

food is such a problem isnt it hahahah, if only we didt have to eat full stop lol



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Sometimes I think I eat because I'm still breathing!

Just have to keep making the right choices.


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I think it's a little more complex than that. I believe that we eat when we are bored because we have got into a habit of doing so. Otherwise, why wouldn't you do something else?

Lots of things relieve boredom, but we often turn to food at these times. So...why? Why food if it's not just a habit?

I think I managed to sort this bit out when I stopped believing I was turning to food because I was bored, and started to realise that it was just habit that I needed to change.


Cambridge Counsellor
The totally weird thing is that I only do all this weird kind of eating when I'm trying to lose weight. At target I'm a three meals a day and healthy snack person. Bazaar
That was my biggest reason for trying this diet.....completely take my mind off food and have the opportunity to re address some bad and well ingrained habits!!

Bingeing was a big problem for me and although there are times I could quite easily raid the cupboards I don't seem to be doing it on this.....I do keep having some chicken every once in a while though
I also eat when i'm bored, i think its just something i got used to doing, especially after gaining weight and feeling too paniky to go out. :(

What i am doing whilst on th CD is i am keeping a food/mood diary and i am writing down whenever i feel like eating and the time. I then look at it and try to find a way to prevent the cause of that feeling. I also see a pshycholgist since i had a breakdown and she helps me to identify triggers and try ways to react to them more positively.

For example the last time i wanted to eat was when i finished my revision and i wanted to go home and treat myself to someing like takeaway, as a reward for doing my revision. I wasnt hungry at all though. So now what i do is a treat myself to something like a nice bubble bath or a movie.
I will ask my psyc for any tips on boredom eating and post them here if you like.

Sorry for babling on there:eek: . I hope you you can try to break the habit of boredom eating. But it is good that you just ate the tuna and didnt go overboard with junk food, i would have probably done that.

Ihope you have a good day xx


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hmmmmmm chicken.

of course its also a habit as well as being bored. i think 'i'm bored, what can i do, oh i'll make myself a sandwich/toast etc that will kill some time.' and it has become a very bad habit.

I now have two dolls soaking in the bath, so will pop them on the line shortly to dry as much as possible before i can start work on hair.make up tonight. that should kill an hour or two between 9-11. Might also watch a film, i did last night, hubby made me the amityville horror, so hard to watch a film and not eat. mind you i spent a lot of the film hiding behind a pillow. lol.
Just read this as I was eating,because I was bored, and because I am going out and what if there wasnt any food and Im not back till late!!!!! Why did I do that, its not bad, ryvita, cottage cheese but still ate it when I didnt really want it!!

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