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I failed but i picked myself up

Hey Everyone

I failed on the diet yday :break_diet:

You may have seen my posts where i have not been feeling well since Sunday. Yday it came to a head where i was dry heaving and felt bad all day. I rang LT she didnt think it was the shakes. But i wondered if it was cos they're made with cows milk and i've been on soya for nearly 5 yrs. But i would have thought it would have shown earlier and i still have yogurt occassionally so maybe not that.

When i got in from work i made the soup but i just couldnt eat it, i couldnt force it down. I rang my pharmacist, who said feeling sick wasnt a side effect of LT and maybe i was coming down with something. He did suggest coming in for some anti-sick tablets, but i was reluctant to take pills, or to come of the diet for a bit. And i did the latter i ate:cry:Even that didn't have much taste and i felt sooo guilty and like i had failed myself. My bf tried to console me by sayin i've lost a stone, and no point in killin yourself i could do other diets.

This morning i thought i would get back on it. Put it behind me. And i must say i do feel better now that i've eaten. I know i've knocked myself out of ketosis but i will soon get back into it. I didn't have bad side effects the first time only the hunger pangs. Hoping this blip won't cause too much of an effect on my goal.
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Sorry you've not been well hun. If you are back on it straight away, there shouldn't be any problems with regard to ketosis. Keep glugging the water, and well done so far with your weight loss x
Hope you are feeling better.
Kep going you can do it:)
You'll get into it again no problems if you remember how bad you felt after eating and if you truly are focussed. Its not the end of the world if you fall of the wagon, truly, sometimes wqe just dont know what else to do to feel better. I would almost agree with you bf that with only 14lbs o go you cuold do another diet but if this is the one you want; if this is the diet you decide to do then you WILL succeed and get there knowing you've done it.

So keep going and enjoying those WI's, you're doing brilliantly.

WATER WATER WTAER!! Feel better soon babes. ;)
Well done for picking yourself up and getting yourself back on the weight loss wagon. Do you feel less nauseous now?
So sorry to hear of ya being ill, I hope ya feel so much better soon. Don't get yourself down on the blip, I think everyone finds it hard to stick to it all the time as for the ketosis, I dont think ya have done much harm as ya have got back on track straight away. Ya can only do the diet for yourself, just make sure ya are mentally prepared for it and watch those future wi's and ya will be amazed at how well ya do. Ya have lost a stone so far so in my eyes ya have done great, now stop feeling guilty, go and have some "me" time and relax. Take care
Thank you everyone for your replies

I do feel much better today. What to ppl take for the metallic taste in ketosis as i don't think that helped

I walked to the shops to get some water, i usually drink tap but i wanted some sparkling. As i was walking i was strutting my stuff i felt so good. As for sparkling water, never liked in life before. I thought fizzy water was an unforgivable sin, lol. But i think Sebs mentioned it helped her so i gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised, not soo bad. It's amazing how my taste buds have changed in just over a week.

I'm back on the wagon and i'll soo be bursting through that goal
am glad you are feling better khandi good luck with it all now x
aww poor you...and well done, for getting straight back into it... thats a good acheivement...be proud that you didnt slip any further!!
Well done for getting straight back into LT.

There isn't anything as far as I know to help with the metallic taste. Dont think its a very common side effect as I mentioned it earlier and no one else seemed to suffer it. (feels like my fillings are zinging!)
I'm grinning and bearing it for a very good cause.

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