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i failed

i had family over this weekend and was trying hard to stick with the slimfast but i couldnt so i ended up eating these past few days but i really dont want to give up before i even really begin, plus my sister has gone back home so i can concentrate.(so much easier blaming your failiure on other people)
i even went out a bought a load of slimfast tins to try and get back into it so looks like ill be back on it it tomorrow ill start over a new beginning. Seeing everyone elses success is really motivating but i really need to have more willpower. will be here ranting and raving everyday to stop me from straying. would really appreciate some tips
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Tomorrow is a new day. Just start again, no need to write off the whole thing just because of a blip!
You haven't failed. You only fail when you give up and you haven't given up. You still have a goal and are determined to reach it. We have all had blips, you can't let that get to you. Just get your mind back into it. I've had times when SF just wasn't possible so had a few days off. If anything it gave me more determination to get to goal.

Make yourself a mini goal to keep on target. Don't dwell on the total you need to lose, aim for the next size down or to fit into an old item of clothes or the next half stone. Post on here and well all do our best to keep you motivated

BL x


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i can only echo what the others have said so i just wanted to say good luck. you can do it if you stay as determined as you are right now!!

abz xx


I know I can do it...
Nabz - don't let one slip-up spoil the effort you have already made. It's a new day so a clean slate - keep going it will be worth it in the end:)


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You CAN do it hunni. Forget about the weekends slip-up and get back into it hun.

Go for it, you will soon be shedding the piunds


Charlie xx


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:)Nabz, I know you feel like its all over, but hey that was then-now's it over regain control and go forth! I understand how you managed to slip up because it's happened to me and continues to happen to me at times too, but I've got a plan, a desired weight to get to and I plan - hook or by crook to get there. So see you at the goal, prize, end whatever you want to call it. I'll see you there because we'll get there!!!
thanks everyone for all your support if it wasnt for you i would have probably given up but i restarted today on a clean slate. today was good stuck to the plan without cheating but am really hungry right now am so trying to ignore the hunger pangs but am so pleased and proud of myself for sticking with it. so once again for all your help and inspiration.



I know I can do it...
Nabz - great to hear you're giving it another go:)
Nabz, don't give up. You can't change what has already happened. So write it off as a slight hiccup, start t/row as a "pick myself up" day and continue your journey to your goals.
hi, and thanks everyone for the support, on day 3 and am actually starting to get into it, had my main meal at lunch time and i actually found it easier to stick to and didnt need a snack so will stick to it that way and it being friday ( take away night) i still managed to stick with the shake instead of the fish and chips. lunch as my main meal is easier for me as im at home at the moment so can eat a healthy meal but when its dinner everyones home so tend to over eat abit, so this way suits me better. i just got off the exercise bike now did 35 minutes feel good about that would of done more but the seat was uncomfortable having a big butt and all will try to increase this and go for long walks but the exercise itself is really relaxing afterwards. so how is everyone else doing hope its going good. also found a great snack that fills you up without the calories, its snack a jacks salt and vinegar popcorn at on 29 kcals per packet and it tastes great.


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Well done for getting straight back into it, you're doing really well! x

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