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I feel a bit strange today

Hmm bear with me as this is probably very non-sensical but this evening I feel a bit guilty like I've 'cheated'

I haven't really, I'm at 8.5 syns for the day but after having free food all day I put my son to bed and just needed to eat. Previously I would have made toast or sent DH for a bar of Dairy Milk but I just opened the cupboard door and wolfed down a meringue nest and a curly wurly.

It's not the use of syns I feel guilty about, but the fact I should have more control over these 'urges' Does this make sense to anyone?

It's like even though I've had a good day on paper, I feel like I've let myself down for using my syns for a binge.

I'm coming up to star week (as you call it on here. Took me a while to figure out what people were on about... though I was missing out on some kind of SW event :eek: ) so I guess that could be a factor in my need to stuff my face.

I'm just glad I had low syn stuff in otherwise it could have been disastrous. It's my first wobble since I began so it was going to come at some point.

I'm being an idiot aren't I?! :asskick:
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No you aren't an idiot, far from it you had the urge and you indulged in your urge, and you remained in control and all within your allowance.

I say well done you :clap: :worthy: :D


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You shouldn't class it as a binge at all...you knew what you were having and the syns values, so well done! :D

You're worrying over nothing!
Ok I feel a bit silly for posting but I guess I feel now that I'm supposedly in control that I shouldn't be having 'urges' anymore? I need to shake it off, I know you're all right and if it was someone else posting I'd be saying the same as you lot!


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Don't feel silly for posting...you're human and everyone's here to offer honesty and support. I love this place! :)

Don't feel silly for posting...you're human and everyone's here to offer honesty and support. I love this place! :)


Thanks! And me too :D
To binge within Syns is a huge achievement and not one to feel guilty of but yes I can totally understand how you feel. I had a 2 finger kit kat and curly wurly all within syns but still amazed that I can. Saying that if I wasn't on SW it would have been a chunky one and more so SW has taught me control lol

I'm not an expert on SW by any means, but I think that on any plan, to binge and keep within syns/points/calorie allowance is a major achievement in itself. If it were me I'd be very proud of myself. It could have been a LOT worse.
Looks like Slimming World's teaching you some new tricks! :D

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