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I feel bad!

I just got off the phone to my dad and mentioned id lost 10lb, and when my mum heard she asked if I was doing WW or SW, and I said I was just eating better. I feel bad for not just telling the truth, but the truth is, I dont want to have to tell them! I know what im going to get as a responce and I just dont want it being a big issue. Im going home in about 3 weeks for 3 days and I plan on eating that weekend, partly cos they eat heathly and also cos I dont want to have to admit ive lied!
or maybe I should move up a plan for that week so I can have the shakes and an evening meal?
Im going to wait and see how I feel. After trying every diet under the sun iv found this one suits me fine, i dont have much problem sticking to it, and the reason I think it works is because im not denying myself anything, I no in fact i am cos im only on 3 shakes a day but if im hungry and I WANT to eat, i will. I think once I start denying myself a few days off (not everyweek obviously but every few weeks!lol) then il stuggle and see this diet as a chore and I really dont want that.
So, I lied. and Im going to keep fibbing. Eat less, move more. is what I said I was doing, and in reality thats not a lie is it? lol.

Hope your all getting on well!!
lost 10lb this week and am hoping for 4 this monday. I had chicken today cos I just needed something to chew! it was nice :)

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Hey Dizzy !
Well done on losing that first 10 lbs !!! I know what you mean about fibbing, I didn`t tell my family, mainly because I knew they`d never understand ketosis and just think of it as a starvation diet !!

See how you feel when you go home, but maybe ss+ would be ideal. That way you could have some chicken and brocolli or similar for your tea.

This really is the best diet ever, my only regret is it took me so long to discover !!!!!


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I've something similar coming up soon. My son and I are going to stay with my parents for a couple of days - get there Tuesday lunchtime and leave just before Thursday lunchtime.

I'm going to say I'm on Cambridge but have dinner with them (one day will be out and one will be at there's so I'll ask for chicken when we're eating at theres and order chicken when we're out). Hopefully that'll stop them nagging!


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they are bound to notice the weight loss so you could tell them you're doing low gi and just have protein and green veg, and try and do 810 or similar, just say you don't want any refined carbs like pasta/bread etc, there is a diet called the sugar addicts diet by Nikki waterman from gmtv thats a bit like that

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