I feel bloated and it is a weigh in day!!

Don't worry about it, just keep slowly drinking today and it will all filter through!!

What time is your weigh in?
Hi Im sorry your feeling bloated :( Hopefully it shouldnt make a differance to your weigh-in?
Like Karen said just try slowly drinking the water today and maybe dont drink an hour or two before your weigh-in?Looking forward to hearing of your success :D
Oh thanks matey!! I'm really pleased with myself - long may it continue!!!

Don't know anything about fibre 89 i'm afraid!! But i do know if you stop drinking your body will hold more water..... Just little sips throughout the day should do the trick if you can manage it honey....

Good luck tonight, your losses so far are staggering!
I have tried to take a longer term view on this issue and given that I actually gained one week I have experience of it too.

I personally don't see the point of trying of trying to fix a weigh in by stopping drinking. All that happens is that you have to do the same thing in subsequent weeks otherwise you are just delaying the week where you have a less than hoped for weigh in.

If you take tonight as it comes knowing that you are are retaining water then you know next week will be a super dooper week to make up for it. :D
Hi babe
If you do put on or not lose a lot this week then you know it will be water retention or the fibre89 not working so you will lose loads next week.
Good luck on weigh in, will be back later to see how it goes
Cheers girls. I actually feel much better now. I dont have that full feeling anymore Thank God.

I will defenitaly post my loss (here is hoping).

Chicken: Your post is spot on now that i think about. Why delay the inevatible?

Glad I could help. When you get your results to my be surprised either way. These blooming diets are like that sometimes :rolleyes:

Anyway, it all evens out in the end and sticking to the diet means you will have spectacular losses compared with anything else you can do so trying to get you head in the 'go with the flow mode' is going to help even if it isn't that easy to achieve :)
fingers x'd you get a great result anyway! ((hugs))