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I feel cheated...

It does depend on which week you started in whether it was week 1, 2, or 3. Try talking to your counsellor and them that you have a real issue with this and that you want to do your 100 days, Cheer up hun xxx


has started again!!
Mt llc says that you are entitled to 14 weeks of counselling. As I joined my group in their week 2, she says I will still get my full quota of weeks as she wont "short change" any one! her words, not mine!

Just to repeat what everyone else says really. Foundation is 100 days, and then you decide if want to loose more or maintain. I also had to join a class after my first week who were on week 3 of counselling.

I will demand at the end the extra two weeks, however my LLC has asked the people who joined later to read the sections in the book and work through the bits we have missed.

Have you paid for the last week of LL in advance, ie at first week, if so wheter you have the class or not you want the equivalent 100 days packs.

Hope have not confused you! :crazy:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks for your replies, I joined in the first week and did pay for the last meeting in the first week, I just feel I am being short changed!

I am going into development anyway so I dont suppose it really matters....I just wanted a moan!
i am confused too! I paid £66 in the first week, as every other. Doesn't everyone?

I have to do 17 weeks as the people in my group started later than me :(
How could you start before the rest of your group? Did you have 1-1 counselling for the first couple of weeks? Thought they weren't allowed to do that.

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