I feel excited about losing the weight but I feel scared too


I cant wait to lose all of these stones, I get excited thinking about what Il look like thin.

But I do feel a bit scared, scared that I wont succeed, scared that its all to good to be true and scared of being free to do and wear what I want, if that makes sense.

My weight has ruled my life for so many years, it's stolen so much from me and Iv forgotten who I am.

Im so used to being invisable and being the butt of jokes.

My clothes are mostly black and frumpy, I have no idea what will suit me when Im thin.

Im waffling a bit here sorry

How did you cope when you shed most or all of the weight?


Bm2lm xx
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Hiya mate

We're all going through the same thing - to one extent or another - and we'll hopefully sort it out together!! I know the fear - I have lost 81 lbs so far and have another 94 to go, and sometimes I wonder who I'll be when I get to goal :eek: Just keep on going and we'll sort it as we go along ;)


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Hi bm3lm, I have lost nearly half of what I want I want to lose and I felt the same as you when I started.I was really frightened of failing and every thing I owned was either big,baggy or black. I decided to take each day as it came and try not to look to far ahead. As the weight comes off i found that I am ezperimenting with different clothes and colours and trust me you get such a buzz from wearing new things that the worry goes. I went into "normal"shops this weekend and felt like people were thinking theres nothing in here to fit her,(before I was a 20/22) but they did fit cos I'm now a 16,and that feeling was amazing. Sometimes I know we hide behind our extra weight and want to be invisible but beleive me,when the weight goes down the confidence goes up!!.
You can see for yourself that its working so caryy on as you are,dont worry about the future and you'll do just fine,amd welldone on your 17lbs loss. the fun has only just begun!

love Nikki
p.s didnt mean to put love but cant delete it!!!


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i know what you mean, i lost my weight last year and yes its scarey, cos suddenly people treat you differently men eye you up lol and i get very embaressed as im happily married and hate that, also you can now go into `normal` shops but your too scared as you dont really believe that you can, and your scared someone will shout oi fatty get out` you feel out of place , i have lost count of how many shops i have fled out of when a sales assistant walked over cos i thought she was gonna say they had nothing to fit me, but as the weeks go by you gain confidence, and realise that suddenly you can do all you want to do, and you start to feel incredibly proud of what youhave acheived and i was very emotional too, and i have become slightly evangelical about it lol,


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I think all of us can identify with all your concerns I know I do. But stick to the diet and take one day at a time. Im sure that as the weight slips off you will be able to find you again, I also worry about who I really am as my weight has also haunted me for years. This weekend I had a great time shopping and I can see light at the end of the tunnel and you will too.