I feel ill


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:( I dont want to go into to much detail but basically I have just spent an hour in the bathroom in excruciating pain.
I now feel sick ill and shaky.
Can't see it being the diet as I have been doing it for 3 months no problems now but whatever it is i so dont feel good
take it easy and try to keep your water up!! If you feel sick and have the trots I should miss the rest of your packs for today.
nice warm bath,
jim-jams on
hot water bottle and cuddle up on the sofa with the poorly blanket!!

If you have any peppermint oil, dilute it in a carrier oil and massage on you tum!! 6 drops of peppermint oil to 10mls carrier oil.
big hugs and take care
Oh Lisa...sorry to hear ur feeling ill hun, maybe try drinkin some warm water?? Hopefully its only a 24 hour thing...unfortunately its the time of year for people getting sick....hope you feel better soon....
If it doesnt improve i would seek medical attention, have you tried a bath and a hot water bottle?

have you ever had this before? maybe give nhs direct a call or your local gp service, hope you get some relief soon.
I had this the first week of the diet. I remember the pain so well. Afterwards I felt like, well at least I have an idea of what child birth is like now! hehe

I took fibre 89 ever since and only had the problem again 1 time when I forgot to take it.

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon, been there, had that pain and it was not an experience I'd want anyone to have.
Hugs, Gemma
Glad its not as bad as it was. do really recommend the psyllium for SSers as it really keeps the bowels nice and healthy.

have a restful weekend and put your feet up
if you get the chance!