I feel like crying, what a waste......


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I've really let myself down. I've been doing so well today and this evening after a really stressful day at work and the kids are climbing the walls because they've been off - I cracked. I've had a bit of pizza and a couple of biscuits now I'm feeling like I might as well give up.

Does anyone else ever let this happen??

A very sad Claire x:cry::cry::cry:
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You haven't failed, so don't give up!!! Just see it as a wee blip and continue with what you were doing before. Learn from it and move on.

Draw a line under it and don't use it as an excuse to stop or fall off completely. Its happened, so forget about it and move on.

You know you can do it! ;) Good luck!


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Scottishmum has said it all.

Keep your chin up. Onwards and downwards (as in weight).


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hi dont give up, i did last year and but all 4 stone back on. this is my first day back on it and i am not even going to have tea or coffee, have got to stick to it, just get beck on track tomorrow it will be ok


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i am not even going to have tea or coffee, have got to stick to it, just get beck on track tomorrow it will be ok

Have your tea and coffee. Do exactly what you would have done had you not 'blipped' Back on track now, not tomorrow. You'll be fine. Enjoy your shake or whatever you planned to have at this time of day :)


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Thanks ladies.

I see a couple of these types of post tonight, so I know I'm not alone. Guess it's the weather and everyone being stuck inside. I'm not eating anymore today and will keep gpong. Thank you so much. I really feel better!!

Claire xx


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no need to give up hun as that would be letting the blip, the biscuits and the pizza win!
Move on, its just a detour to slim, but not a total breakdown hun!


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I had a blip just before Chrimbo and did exactly what you did - posted here!!!

Just get back on the horse and you'll be back on the weight loss wagon in no time :)


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All the best ClaireMelanie

I have come so close to a blip since re-starting this week; its the fact I live on my own and have no food indoors that has kept me on an even keel
Don't worry or be sad, as said on this site, draw that line and on you go x


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Hi, no worries, start afresh tomorrow. You can do it hun xxx

Think of your fantastic loss at the end of just 1 week.


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I bliped last week and was racked with guilt and self loathing until the wonderful people on here helped me through. I felt a failure, but got over it and moved on.

Hope you are having a better day today

Charlie xx


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I bliped this week and had a chocolate brownie - and still lost 3 pounds because I'd kept to the diet the rest of the week.

You can do it! Get straight back on that horse :D.


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It will be a distant memory tomorrow! keep going and know that you CAN do this xx


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It's not the end of the world, put it behind you and carry on. It happens to us all. I have struggled this week, stuck indoors 24/7 with a small child.
Tomorrow is another day. Good luck