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I feel like failing

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by nettleboo, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. nettleboo

    nettleboo Full Member

    ive been doing this three weeks today and im bored and feeling deprived it's silly as i can eat the sweet things I want but a tiny bit of choccie doesn't seem enough for me and stressed yesterday I had a melt down and ate so much I was ill back too it today but I'm carb loading too stop from feeling hungry but that will catch up with me im vegetarian but eat eggs and dairy so im eating that stuff. I'm eating so much fruit it's getting really expensive and salad as good as it is doesn't fill me up for long. Help im really struggling too keep going here ive lost over 8 lbs at last week weigh in but I have 6 stone 6 too lose its all in my head but im an emotional eater and life with a teething toddler is pushing me too want food it's a coping mechanism.
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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Don't give up nettleboo,It is hard & we all have days when we feel hungrier than normal,well done for getting back on track today it will be worth it in the end :) even a pound a week is nearly 4 stone in a year xx Think about the reasons why you started this journey & be kind to yourself xx
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Okie dokies, it is hard, and we didn't put on the weight by eating all the right stuff. Take a proper look on here, there is loads of useful advice, there is always somebody who has been where you are right now, there are always some helpful tips.

    So for something sweet how about meringue nests, 2.5 syns, top with berries, I buy either Aldi frozen ones or Sainsbury's do 'shops own' berries & frozen fruit salad for not much more than £1, buy frozen veg which tends to be cheaper, have look at the thread on here, which I can't remember what its called, but its where the bargains are.

    Also look at the diaries see what they eat, basically just have a mosey round, ;)
  5. Barbie Girl

    Barbie Girl Full Member

    Do you go to a slimming world group? It might be worth buying the low syn snack book and free food book so you can find suitable alternatives that hit the spot. When I want choc I either eat a few freddos or have a hot choc. The hot choc normally fills me up and stops my craving. Oh werthers original sugar free are half a syn each!!! They are great when a sweet tooth kicks in!! :D
  6. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    8lbs over 3 weeks is amazing. You're succeeding, not failing! x
  7. dyingtobethin102

    dyingtobethin102 Full Member

    It is really hard at times.but think to yourself....would you rather gorge on chocolate and junk?feel crappy about yourself and stay the weight you are now or would u rather say no to the chocolate.get to goal weight feel amazing about yourself and show off your brand new figure?wear and shop whatever/wherever you want?

    Ive had a bad day diet wise today.and so if u do give into temptation remember to get straight back on the wagon.as a day eating bad wont turn into a week...month.

    Goodluck hunni.you're doing well already and you'll get there x

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  8. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    I also have a teething baby so you have my sympathies as the extra energy to entertain them during the day and also the lack of sleep if they are up at night very easily affects mood and how you cope with things. You are doing well with what you have lost already so don't be too hard on yourself. It is expensive but you are investing in your future and at the same time giving your wee one the healthiest mummy you can - well done you.

    do you have an aldi or Lidl nearby, I find them cheaper for fruit? If I am craving choc I first try to distract myself by doing something else to see in half an hour whether I really do still need it, might sound silly but works for me.
  9. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    How are you doing, Nettleboo?

    My teething toddler is suddenly extra demanding and extra hungry for anything that is on my plate - sound familiar? Hard work, but we can stick at it!
  10. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    Do you have a proper bar of chocolate when you're looking for a sweet treat? I have a Twirl or a Toffee Crisp (11.5syns) or Maltesers (9.5) and I have a Cadburys Highlights (2) because sometimes a little Freddo just doesn't do it! :)

    I find Toffee Muller Lights are filling a sweet gap for me, or a strawberry flavour poured over some sugar free strawberry jelly? What about buying some hifi bars from the class, have one each day as a HE B choice, on green day days you can still have another B for cereal or bread, etc.

    SW doesn't have to be expensive, cheap and cheerful (but filling) lunches could be baked potato with beans and salad, SW quiche or frittata filled with potato, peppers, mushrooms, onion, etc, or pasta with sauce made up of pasatta, onions, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, etc, and you could sprinkle a bit of HE A cheese on them all for a bit more flavour.

    You could make up some 'free' vegetable soup to snack on too, so you aren't relying on fruit for snacks.

    8lb in three weeks is a great loss, you're doing fab. :) Take it in little chunks of half stone targets, not a whole 6st, it might be easier to focus on smaller goals that feel more achievable, and you're never too far from reaching your next goal. Good luck. xxxx

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