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I Feel Like Giving Up !!!!!!!


running strictly on fat!
Get some chicken or tuna or anything with no carbs.
If you really desperate get some green veg with it - it will fill you up and once you there - you might find yourself ready to fight back.
The most important - you'll be still in ketosis so it'll not affect your CD journey over all.
Good luck with it xxx


Still fighting
you can do it - just need to really fight the demons in your head - like the advice says above have some chicken or some tuna wiv green salad or veg it may help to see you through x
i would say as well have a bit of tuna or chicken, you are doing so well and you know you can do this, every so often we all get days like this and wonder why we are doing this but that is just our heads messing with us
You are past your half way point and have lost 32lb wow thats fab!!! Only 27lb to go and you will be at your goal weight.... Why give up?? You have come so far and done so well. I am sure everyone will have up days and down days but dont let them get the better of you Anthony!! We are all here to support you, maybe go and read some success stories and look at some before and after pictures. Ask your self if you had something to eat how you would feel and if it is really what you want, or would you feel alot better sticking to the diet and reaching your goal weight. Think of the reasons why you did the diet to start with and how you felt about yourself at the start of doing the diet. You have come so far and done so well you must be so proud of your self... i know i would be if i was you! You can do this Anthony just keep telling your self that coz by looking at your ticker you have done sooo well. Dont give up now xx


This will be my year
Stay with it hun, you've had the strength to ask for help before you went off plan, and that proves your head's still in the right place.

I agree with the other ladies, go to SS+ or 810 cals for a day or two until you get back on track. You've done so well, this is just a temporary blip.

I think everybody gets those days but look at how far you came, I sometimes feel that then I say to myself after all that I will go back to square one.

I tell myself, if I fancy something to eat that I can have it when I am target, as much as I like for a day hehe , I also tell myself it is not like I did not have it before, I tasted it before and I will have it later hehe, it does work with me.

Finally if I am so desperate to eat i have black coffee with sweetener that helps a lot, it is appetite suppressant after all.

Stick with it, best of luck!
Just focus on today. You can't affect tomorrow or the next day yet so don't worry about them.

You have done it before and can again. Just like hur575 says, you can eat what you like once you are at target. But focus on why you have chosen to just postpone it.

Being on Cambridge wont last for ever but your happiness with your body will once you have got to target and are maintaining.
Thanks guys, i appreciate the support !
i still havent blipped today ive just been thinking to myself that it wont get me where i want too be

so just got too carry this on now

Thank you lot sooo much :)



Silver Member
good for you anthony, you keep at it, some days are tough but i come on here at pple get my head back on track:)
Hiya i've just noticed your post and see that you replied to mine, thanx!! Well done for not giving up you must feel so proud of yourself for all the weight you've already lost. Hope to speak soon, would love your support

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