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Original I feel like the Hulk!!

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I am going out with my friends for new years eve, I used to love to go out (even tho I have always been big) but now I'm the biggest I've ever been & I hate going out! I feel like a freak the whole time. People staring & making comments, it's just horrible!

But I promised my friends I would come out with them so i am! However this has raised another issue... None of my clothes fit me anymore!!! I feel like I'm going to 'hulk' out of them coz they are bursting at the seams! I also can't really afford new clothes and if I could big size clothes are not the most flattering. Everything I try on looks awful.

I'm dreading this night out now! They are all skinny minis and will of course look fabulous & I'll b the token fat person stood at the back wearing black. The only good thing Is that there will be 7 of us out, so at least I can hide behind them! I know I'm losing weight now, but with soooooo much to lose it hasn't really started to show yet. This time next year will be different!!!! (I hope)
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They must have asked you out because they like your company, because they think you will be fun. Are you going to disappoint them?

You could stand and hide at the back wearing black.

Or you could wear a bright scarf, sparkly eyeshadow, and a big smile.

You could decide to be miserable.

Or you could say "the hell with it" and decide to have a good time.

It is all a question of attitude. You seem to have decided already what your attitude is going to be - but it is not to late to change it.


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Oh Cc, hun, you're not the "token fat person"; you're The Friend who's out with people who love her and want to share this special night with her. That's it.

Be the person you are. Sod anyone who thinks looks are more important than anything else - how pathetic are they? For years I was the "fat friend" - or that's how I saw myself. Now I'm one of the slimmest in my group and know what? It makes not one jot to my pals. I'm still just Harrie the friend. And that's exactly what you are to your mates.

Go out, enjoy and Happy New Year.
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Thanks everyone! Ur so right! I need to snap out of it. The only person I'm hurting is me right!?
My friends are fab too, i kno they don't care what I look like.
CONGRATS on ur weight loss Harrie, that's fantastic!!

I think it all got to me when I was trying on every item of clothing I own, but i kno being miserable isn't the answer!

Thanks for the kick up the bum... I needed it.


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You really shouldn't worry about it hun, as I'm sure people don't think you're the token fat person at all! Your friends bviously love you and want to be with you, otherwise they wouldn't have asked you to come out! Go out and enjoy your night with a big smile on your face - everybody deserves to have a good night out! :D I've always been big, and it's never bothered any of my friends (mainly because I can drink like a fish, which always livens the night up - oops! :eek:) Haha! xxx
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Thanks dudette, that is my plan 4 this eve lol. I'm looking 4ward to it now. Just gotta enjoy it & not worry about the little silly things. Hope you have a great night too.

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Hi CC ..... get out there and shake your stuff!!! It doesnt matter how big or small u are, u still deserve to have a great time with your friends!!! Sod what anyone else thinks ... uve got one life .. .live it!!!

Get your brightest lippy on and your sparkliest shoes and party party party!!!! Have a great night and happy new year!!XXX
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Have a fab night out and enjoy yourself x
I totally understand your pain, its like reading about myself. I could have gone out tonight, my mum offered to babysit, but the main reason i decided to stay in was because nothing fits, i have one top that does fit and seem to always wear it at the odd occassion I do go out!!

But now its too late and I am wishing I did go out, and sod what people thinks about me... ah well.. eastenders and crap on tv it is till hubby gets home at about 3 am!
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Well I'm not :D and I'm sure others aren't people haven't got as much money this time of year really just don't let it get to u
i know your right :) it just has kicked home when I know most of my friends are out, egardless of it being NYE as I always say no...had plenty of offers to go, but my own fault for being boring and hating myself and staying in

2011 will change that :) I insist!! :)
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Couldn't agree more melody! The only people we r hurting is ourselves!! I ended up having a good night, very pleased i went & more importantly that I went with the right attitude, that made a huge difference!

Cmon 2011!!!!! Be a good one!!!!

CeeCee-is-MeMe said:
Couldn't agree more melody! The only people we r hurting is ourselves!! I ended up having a good night, very pleased i went & more importantly that I went with the right attitude, that made a huge difference!

Cmon 2011!!!!! Be a good one!!!!

I'm glad u had a good night out :) how's your head today lol x
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Lol I must admit I'm on the delicate side today :)
Did you enjoy your night?
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Lol glad u had a good one too!!!