I feel so down

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  1. summer66

    summer66 second time around

    I went out with a few mates on Friday and my mate took some photos of the evening. today Ive been on my face book and they have been posted on there. OMG i look terible. I thought losing 21lb would make a diffence to my face but it doesnt look any thinner. Maybe im asking for to much to soon but i just feel so upset :cry:
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  3. Stargirl

    Stargirl Full Member

    Aww hun dont get too down:hug99:

    Something that i have found in the weeks of doin CD is that it really does take time for the mind to adjust to the body as well.

    There are days when i dont feel any diff at all, but have to keep reminding myself, my clothes are smaller so i have obviously lost weight. lol

    This is making a diff to you and 21lbs is a lot of weight. I think some day u just get a eureka moment where u look at yourself and can see the diff and feel the difference!!

    x x x
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  4. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Don't let this upset you, as Stargirl says you will get there - 21lbs is a great loss. You're slimmer than when you started and if you stay on track you WILL get to goal. And then you'll be looking for those cameras, you'll feel so confident!
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  5. chips with everything

    chips with everything Silver Member

    Hang on in there

    How can you feel sad with such a lovely name as Summer ? :)

    Even skinny people can take bad photos - just look at Kate Moss and Amy Wino !

    I hate having my photo taken too, but have just got a friend to do back, front and side of me as my before pics - all they needed was for me to be holding a board with a number on and Holloway Woman's Prison here we come :cool:

    Shrug your shoulders, go for a walk and keep smiling :) it's good exercise for those facial muscles xxxx
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  6. Stargirl

    Stargirl Full Member

    Aww this just made me giggle. lol

    I HATE having my pic taken too.
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  7. chips with everything

    chips with everything Silver Member

    Facial exercises

    Summer, have a look at this web page


    It's full of useful info and not selling anything :p Shows how to do a workout consisting of five exercises as a natural, non-invasive program for improving the muscle tone of the face and the front of the neck. Plan them into your day, no excuses :eek: do them while waiting for the kettle to boil, in the car or sitting on the loo ! Maybe on the bus or train only if you want to ensure empty seats around you ! :D
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  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Summer,

    I know from my own experience it took losing 28lb before it showed...

    It is upsetting, but on the up side you could also be one of those people who lose weight evenly all over.

    21lb off is a wonderful achievement:happy096:

    I am sure you can feel the difference already and it won't be long now until you also can see the difference yourself.

    Hang in there:hug99:

    Love Mini xxx
  9. barnsie23

    barnsie23 Full Member

    Hi there i know the feeling so many awful pictures of me have been put on facebook by my lovely friends they oviously dont see the probloem they love me for me and they dont see what i see but you know in a way it can be a good thing i recently added some new pics to mine and i am actually able to see myself through the stages of cd and getting lots of nice comments from old friends i think because most of us hate the camera that the fact our friends take pics on nights out can sometimes be a blessing in disquise because without those pics i prob would never know the difference now and have nothing to look back on when i finally reach goal hope this makes sense x
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  10. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    Summer, Try not to feel down about the pics. Many of us hate pics of ourselves anyway and so much depends on the lighting, quality of the camera , and photographer! You have lost loads of weight and done really well and I'm sure there will be photo's you like soon enough.
    Thanks to Chips for the face exercise info. I have printed it off and shall start tonight! I'll look like this :):D:(:mad::eek::p !!!
  11. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hey Summer,
    Dont be upset hon.. be proud of yourself you have done so well losing 21 pounds is fab!!! Most people dont like pictures of themselves even the skinniest most beautiful people... I am sure if someone else saw the pic of you they would not find fault in it....

    If you are that unhappy with them get your friend to remove it.. but I am sure they really are lovely..

    Chin up x
  12. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Gold Member

    send them to us so we can see and cheer you up? I'm sure theyre not as bad as you think hunnie xx
  13. summer66

    summer66 second time around

    HI Ive just got in from work and read all your lovely comments. Thank you all so much for taking the time making me feel better about myself.:character00100:
  14. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now. I hate most photos of myself too. When we went to Australia a few years back I ripped up all the photos with me in them and spent almost all day crying because I thought I looked so awful and fat. I was only 10 1/2 stone then! At this weight I avoid cameras like the plague-and as for video cameras, keep well away!:eek: Our relatives came over from Oz a couple of years ago and I dread to think of the footage they took home with big, fat me on. They hadn't seen me for a long time so it must have been a shock to them how much weight I'd put on. We're planning to hopefully go back soon (I'd like to go next year for our Silver Anniversary) and I'm not letting them know I'm on a diet so it will be another huge surprise.
    My weight loss tends to show in my face first and foremost. Everybody is different. If you looked at a head and shoulders photo of me you would never know I was overweight. You've done so well and you must really be feeling the benefits of your weight loss even if you think it doesn't show as much as you want it to. I think that it's only now that I've got so overweight that I will finally be happy with myself at 9 stone. When I looked at myself at that weight years ago I thought I was fat then! Looking back on those photos I realised I wasn't at all-and I'm sure when you look back at your photos in the months to come you'll realise that you didn't look nearly as bad as you thought too.
  15. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    don't be down, it will come off your face just give it time. i have a very round face and i can just start to see a jaw line. so it will come off but some times we loose weight in other places first.

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