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I Feel So Guilty :( :(

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Morning everyone , i feel so bad :( , Yesterday we got a kitten off my sister . We got home , and we have to other cats , one who is a year old and one who isn't quite a year old . Well i'd just placed the kitten on the sofa and the other cats both was curious and was having a look and a sniff , I turned round and all of a sudden i heard a load of miaow n kitten cries , the older cat had the kitten in his mouth and was attacking it :(. My mum managed to get the kitten but he was very shook up and appeared to be fitting . He was all limp and couldnt stand ,one of his paws was doubled up and he cudnt walk on it i thought he was going to die , but my husband was trying to sort him out , blew in his face etc ...... We took him to the vet , and he said that he is in shock and very traumatised , He felt him all over and said nothing appears to be broken , he said maybe very very bruised n sore, Anyway the vet gave him 2 injections which was £53 :eek:..... And we have to go back today . I feel awful , we'd just took the kitten away from his mother n 2 brothers n then this happens ...... I'm very scared now about how the other cats are going to be , and will they always want to attack him ?? Ive always had cats/kittens and never has this happened before :(.........
Sorry for the long story ..... xx
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oh dear that's awful, i hope the little one is going to be ok xx
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Thanks Smirnoff , Just got back from the vets now , and we had to leave him there , he is still dragging his paw n wen the vet was examining him he was making lots of noise . So he is going to give him an XRAY , and he also gave him another injection , so that another £81 today :O Definetly paid for this kitten !!!!


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omg that is terrible, the poor kitten and your poor bank account xx
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ye feel really awful , we had to use cash we had put by for repairs on our car as it is off the road at the moment !!! Got kitten home now , lucky enough nothing is broken , but vet said he may minute fractures that wud be the size of a babys nail clippings , which will heal on there own , and because he is so young he has that on his side . So £53 yesterday and another £117 today , coz of an xray n medication , we've well n truely paid for the kitten !!! Am so scared now of him getting attacked again , but wont dare leave them in same room together !!!
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:cry:OMG ......... Our other cat attacked the kitten again :cry:..... He got him round the neck drew blood , the kitten appeared to have fitted , breathed funny n then died ..... im so sad , i cant believe it , ive grown up with cats , and had them all my adult life n never has this happened before ...... i feel so numb n guilty ......


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Oh melly I'm so, so sorry to hear that about your little kitten :( That's terrible. Your cats must've been protecting their territory, it's so sad :(


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Oh no that's awful. I have never heard of this before and like u had cats all my life. I reckon they were just staking their claim to their home. It's nature and please don't blame yourself! Hugs. X


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im sorry to hear that, its so sad x


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Oh no don't blame ya self in had similar thing with my dog end of day there animals hun there protecting there territory is all x


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When introducing a new cat into the house you need to prepare carefully and isolate the newcomer away from other cats for several weeks before doing a gradual introduction. Even doing that it took my elderly cat about 5 months before she accepted the new kitten completely. Sorry it turned out so horribly for you.


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My friend found that they sat in the room with 3 of us, all with a cat/kitten and then took the kitten out - and had a water spray. And basically learnt behaviour, dont hiss or attack dont get sprayed. In the end even if the kitten did it, it got shut in a box for 1minute to try again. Gradually helped x

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