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I feel so ill :-(


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Last few days I've been feelin so poorly. So weak, light headed, dizzy, constantly feelin sick...
I hav 3L of water, plus all my 3 shakes n a few teas/ coffees. Am not over doin anything n I only hav a small steady 20mins walk 3 times a week.
Today has been the worst, feel so sad n miserable, I could cry. Feeling sickly made me hav 2 slices of ham, I had to hav them.
After 9 weeks on LTn 46 lbs loss, I think my body is telling me to hav a break. I don't want to stop TFR as I hav another 2.5st to lose.
We are goin to Alton Towers tomorrow, n will take my shakes n water with me but am praying n hoping that I don't feel like today, otherwise am gonna hav to eat something.
I just don't no wat to do now!
My 9th weigh in on Saturday, n of I don't hav a loss of at least 3-4 lbs, that would really get me down. I've been 100% all the way apart from today n a party i went to but I stuck to proteins n was still in ketosis.
Am fed up of feelin so miserable lately.
Anyone got any advise for me please.
Help me please, coz I just wanna cry :'( :'(

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You are over half way there!! Well done you!

Only you can make the decision to stop/start LT BUT remember how hard it was to get into ketosis to begin with.... do you think you might come off, do refeed then try to come back to TFR again?

Whatever you decide I just want to send a few hugs your way!!!


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hi v1234, i feel you cos its my 6th week and even though i have not been 100%, i have a sickly hubby and its all getting to me.since 5 days ago, am not back in ketosis and its my totm. what else can go wrong.if you feel funny, i will advise you take a break as our bodies have a way of telling us to stop. just do not go overboard and binge. do it on proteins. i binged and i REGRET it till now on mcdonalds simply because i was down. its so tough for me now and i know if i go in next 2 days for a wi, i will have gained 2pounds but that will noe stop me though. i am diabetic so some days are just like i am so lightheaded and i feel like dropping but as soon as i have a piece of chicken, am fine. So, listen to your body. i remember my dad telling me that when i reach my ideal weight, my body will tell me to stop. you are probably getting there now but only you can be the judge, i planned on being on this diet for 2mths but i dont mind extending it till 3 as long as i reach my goal without having to drop. take GOOD care of yourself


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thanks for your replies. much appreciated.
i think i was just having a few odd and diffifcult days. its passed now, but am still craving food so badly.
but am still 100% and will carry on.
i feel much better in myself now. i have lost another 4 lbs this week and i no i can do it.
thanks for replying.
S: 14st5lb C: 12st2lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 2st3lb(15.42%)
It's really hard when ur not feeling 100% isn't it? Im full of a cold at the mo and could kill for some comfort food, but I have my shakes so I'll be ok lol

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