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I feel so sick.

Yesterday I ate far too much food albeit all SW friendly.

Last night I was very sick and put it down to the fact that I had over eaten.

This morning I still feel very sick and do not want to eat. Now that is very rare.

The only thing I had that was different was the Asda half fat sausages but as DH had some the other day and was fine it can not be them.

My head aches and I want to puke.........

poor me, I feel so sorry for myself......big whimp.

Off to take some parecetamol for the headache I have and will try and work my way through it.

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awww luv, maybe its not food related at all, could be a nasty bug you got???

who knows whats going on ;)

anyway hope your feeling a little better now after your pills, get your head down for a little sleep, sleep is a good healer of many things.

hope you feel better soon :doggy:

oh yes drink plenty of water to x
Still feeling like c**p.

Just tried some scrambled egg and think that was a great mistake. Think we are about to part company.

Have tried to stay busy and keep my mind off how I feel and it did work whilst I was on the stable yard doing there. I came back into the house feeling a bit hungry and thought food might help WRONG !!!

Must rush...................

thank you my friends for your good wishes.


Now to maintain.....
oh dear...hope you are better soon x
Feeling a lot better this morning. I still have a vague sickly feeling.

Didn't sleep last night was still awake at 4.30 a.m. and up at 5.45 a.m. so absolutely knackered.

Off to do a boot sale to sell all my big clothes. A friend is bringing a load of hers as well.

Should be fun and a complete change from what I normally do.
Glad that you are feeling better.
Food poisoning usually has a four hour "window", so if you eat something and start to feel sick etc within that time its usually pretty likely it was whatever you ate :-((
Hurrah !!!! Feeling good and sooooooo hungry.

An SW style omelet is called for to start the day.

Looking forward to WI tomorrow.

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