i feel terrible need support

chubby cheeks

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im new to this site just started cd this my secound day but im finding it really hard everythings tempting me:( also i still feel a bit hungary will this go away or should i go to 4 a day dont want to give up but harder then i thought any advice
Hiya chubby cheeks. Be patient. Promise you it will get better. It takes about 3-4 days to get into ketosis, so hang on in there.

Drink the water. Take paracetamol if you get a headache, and do whatever you can (bar eat!) to get you through the next couple of days.

If you really feel you can't do it, add another shake.

You're doing fab. Hold on tightly.
thx i hate being in two minds maybe ill add a shake then i wont be hungary cravings will go away i think once thats gone ill be okhow much have you lost?
I lost 8 stone. Feel like a new woman :D
Hang in there - get through it any way you can. It will get easier - and then it will get easy - I promise.
Ann x
Hi chubby cheeks
I thought I'd chip in too and say that it DOES get easier ... really, honestly, truly!!

In the first few days, I was climbing the walls with hunger and couldn't stop thinking about food .... I even dreamed about it!! :)

But after that first difficult few days, it all started to become easier and now I've been doing it for over 5 months and it's just a part of life now. Try very, very hard not to have anything other than your three packs because, psychologically, you need to believe that 'three is enough'.

Hunger isn't the most pleasant of sensations but focus on the fact that you're getting all your vitamins, protein etc and you're not going to drop down dead or anything so dig deep, drink that water and whatever you do ... DON'T EAT!! :)

Come on here whenever you can and we'll all keep you going. When you step on those scales after your first week, you'll know it was all worth it! :D
I hope you're feeling better now, CC - the first few days are the hardest - no doubt about it.

You just have to tuck your chin onto your chest and ROAR through any discomfort then in a few days time, you'll feel fantastic!
Hiya... it's my second day too.. so ur not alone!

I just think of what I have acheived so far- that keeps me going.

I have made a decision to commit to this diet!
I have gone 24 hours + with NO food!! (mad)

Use these things to motivate you...

Also think of all of the things in life that you find difficult or do not do beacuase of ur weight! Think of all the good that will come if you stick with it!

Catch me on msn if u wanna chat/support/a distraction from thinking about eating!

[email protected]

Also.. do something nice!! Like have a pampering bath.. or play a computer game... watch a dvd.. whatever you enjoy doing... even go to the cinema!?

Good luck and stick with it- it'll be sooooo worth it in the end!!
Just stick with it CC. It's very hard for the first few days, but soon you'll be finding it the easiest diet in the world!!

Your body is getting EVERYTHING it needs, and it just needs to learn to get energy from your fat stores rather than extra food. Once it realises this (ie gets into ketosis), you'll be plain sailing and won't feel physically hungry at all.

The prize at the end is more than worth it!! It's an easy price to pay i think!
Touche bigblefurrymonster exactly what i was going to say !!

CC how u doing,the first 3/4 days are really hard for everyone and the hunger pangs will get easier as each day goes by.
Are u on day 3 now,you could be in ketosis by now do u have a funny taste in your mouth,that is usually a sign of ketosis.
Are u drinking enough water as drinking loads of water does really fill u up and help with the hunger pangs.
Just remember there is always someone around to chat to so come and post,the support and advice available on this site is amazing.
Hope today is a better day for u,chat soon xx
It is really difficult. The first day seems easy in comparrison to the second! Lots of water will fill you up... you will feel liek you need to eat, but you have to ignore the urge, it is so hard.. but f you feel like you maight give in, just pop on here or take bigblueblurrymonsters advice.. good luck, you can do it.. remember why you started cd and that should help keep you motivated... just dont give up! :)
Hi babe
How you doing?
yes it does get better babe honest,this time next week with you first weighin behind you,you will feel so good about not giving in.
It has all been said before but I will say it again
Drink lots if you have water flaver have it hot I found that made me feel full
Split the packs in 2, 6 meals a day,the brain thinks you are getting more.
Take pain killers if you get heads.
Try to pamper yourself .nice bath,early night,lots of rest if poss,but no no food.
It is not easy at first but the pain is worth it.
keep popping on here that helps lots.
Sending you lots of positive viges
love and hugs libbie x