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I feel .........


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Out of sorts today ..we are having a night out food and then the pub its been arranged for ages :( i am scared i think that i will go overboard and the other thing was i jumped on the scales and i weigh 1lb heavier than i did yesterday and ive stuck 100% to this :wave_cry:
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NEVER believe your own scales! I threw away my scales and ONLY weigh myself at slimming world!
On 1st day joining just before going group i weighed myself on tesco scales that cost 50p to weigh properly... and when I went to group there was 3lb difference :( in a bad way LOL..

your weight also changes through out the day differs 1-2lb

honestly don't keep weighing yourself you'll drive yourself nuts :(


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RE your meal our, probably easy to do the Red day, steak, veg and Jacket. You could have grilled prawns or melon to start and a fresh fruit cocktail or share a desert thats not too bad with someone else and get them to eat more of it. Count that as your syns, try for a alcohol free night, diet coke or fizzy water with ice and lime wedges.

You will be fine. Perhaps in the morning, get yourself out for along walk. x


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I would say that yes some people do weigh themselves inbetween but if your they type of person who wiehg every day or twice a week will affect your mood in a bad way then like gemma said get rid of them.

Your body can chage by up to 4lbs a day due to water, food, poop and many other factors.

Just try your best with tonights menu at the pub you could always asks for no sauces on food, drinking diet soft drinks, cutting visible fat off any meat and being sensilble.

Remeber your mind and hands control what you eat not pub menus.


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I went out for a meal with the girls last Friday, and its the first time that i really looked at the menu, and choose a "good" meal it was Chicken, bacon with mushroom and onions, with either rice or chips- yeah you guess it i choose rice..... but i didn;t feel guity, cos there was nothing to feel guity about - because i had what i wanted... we then went for a little pub crawl, so instead of having pints (9 syns) i had vodka and diet coke (4syns)..... and what a really good night we all had....

Go and enjoy yourself its your up to you what you choose to eat........not your mates....


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S: 10.2kg C: 9.2kg G: 6.8kg BMI: 3.1 Loss: 1kg(9.82%)
think i will have a chicken salad maybe something like that as for drinks i am for having one or 2 but as someone suggested a walk maybe tomorrow and i will try and be good with the syns untill weigh in ..as for the scales i need them i have 3 sets none weigh the same xx