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I fell off the wagon last night!!!!

:cry:I am really upset with myself today as I am only on day 5 of SS and I Really let myself down last night by eating!!!!
Unfortunatly I didn't just have a bite of something to take away my craving, I went the whole hog and had half a chicken kebab with the worst thing in the world, chips!!!!!!

The stupid thing was I knew I would feel crap about it but I still did it.
I think the positive thing about it though is that has given me alot more incentive not to do it again!!!!!

Is there anyone else out there that fell at the first hurdle but still got back on the horse and finished the race????????

Also have weighed myself and it soesn't seem to have affected my weight just yet, so do you think I might have gotten away with it or am I just kidding myself???
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honey it was one indescretion. you've said yourself that it will encourage you not to do it again, so learn from it, forget about it, and keep on going. drink shedloads of water and hopefully it won't have made much of a difference.

don't fret :patback:

all will be well :)

abz xx


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Work really hard this week and guzzle that water girl! Fingers crossed for you at weigh in.

You are however only human and it's very clich`e but remember why you are hear. I usually fall at the first hurdle and, as being in Australia, it's just about the end of the day 5.30pm, I'm just about to do 100% for 2 days.

It has been tough. I usually eat extra of what I'm allowed, and this still seems to weigh against me.

Hang in there it's taken me 2 weeks of 80% to finally do this. A couple of us are aiming for 100% over 2 weeks and have created tickers, your welcome to join us for the remaining 12 or the full 14 or set yourself a short goal just to give you a boost.

When's weigh in?

I weigh in on Wed night so still got a few days to sort myself out.
i glugged loads of water last night after I did it and have been supping away again this morning so hopefully I'll be alright.
I'm quite worried about feeling ill again like I did for my first couple of days though??

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