I forgot how cold I get in ketosis


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I'm on day 2 so hopefully into ketosis tomorrow. Last time the weather was getting warmer but i was still cold all the time i'm not looking forward to it at this time of year.


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me too im absolutely freezing and he wont let me have the heating on - he says the rest of them are cooking lol

might go to bed and wrap up lol



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Thats explains a lot LMAO I have been shivering all week and my poor hubby has been saying he is too hot !!!


nearly there!! :)
yup im same and i walk every where so feel like an iceberg when im going anywhere. i find my toes go so numb i actually cant walk on them...not a good sign i know lol!!

Lard Arse

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See, I knew there was an advantage to be single - no one to tell me to turn the heating down.xx


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I had forgotten the cold as well :( blooming freezing!!!! lol. Am wrapped up on the sofa in a blanket with a constant supply of peppermint tea trying to warm myself from the inside out!


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How can anyone be cooking in this weather? They're exaggerating surely! I find the only thing that warms me up is a hot bath!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi buy a wheat bag,they stink of lavender at first but that soon goes and they are great,you bung them in the micro for 3 mins and they stay hot for an hour you can get them in dunelm mill for £2.50 but they sell them in most places I paid a fiver for mine xx


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oooh thanks julie, I'll be looking out for one of those then!