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I found something strange ...


maintaining since June'09
.......... I found something strange yesterday ....... I knew - somewhere in the back of my mind - that I should know what it was, but it took me ages and ages to dredge up the memory and realise. Then ......... a light bulb moment!!!!! :eek: :eek: ........... HIP BONES!!!!! My God they're still there!!!!! :rotflmao: Still well covered but now findable, at least from the front!!!!! Keep poking them to make sure ...... :giggle:
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Congratulations Jan..........hehee, isnt it great to find our bones again. I also love to lay flat on my back when I wake up in the morning and feel a flat(ter) stomach than I have felt in years.


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Me too. It's wonderful going to bed and not feeling bloated as well !


Getting thinner everyday!
That's brilliant Jan

Isn't it just great when you're old self is re-emerging! I can't stop inspecting myself and if I see my reflection in the window, it takes me by surprise.

My legs are gradually re-emerging.



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:8855:LOL!! Congrats on the hip bones!! :D


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LMAO i love my hip bones! and my collar bones!!

enjoy them Jan!!!



I will be skinny again!!!
Hahaha!! cool!!

My hip bones are starting to come back!!

My collar bones look disgusting though... And people have been making fun of me in work about them!! lol


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That's so funny, I've only just texted my sister this morning with the same thing, unfortunately at the moment my hip bones are only noticeable when I lie down flat, but that's a start.
a big win for hip bones lol


One last chance
LOL! I remember when I first noticed them. I woke up one morning and I thought I had wierd fatty lumps, but they turned out to be my hip bone. I was happy and freaked out at the same time.
:D LOL, how funny

not discovered any bones yet (it's okay, i know they're in there somewhere ;))

But, i took a photo of myself to show off my lovely new hairdo, sent it to my friend and she said how much weight i've lost. Which was lovely (plus she knows i'm doing LT!), but what struck me about the photo is it looks like my neck/collarbone area is slimmer. Not what I expected!

It's going off more important areas too, thankfully.
Well done Jan!

It's an amazing feeling,isn't it? Weird but no doubt you will soon get used to it.

I have recently rediscovered my hip bones,collar bones and sitting on my ar$e, i have coxis,all my extra padding has gone! ;)
Not at the hip-bone stage yet, though my partner loves to cuddle up to something soft and hot at night (me!!!) But have you noticed, (all you menopausal women out there), that the hot flushes have seemed to fade away since being on LT and now I'm not quite the cuddly hot-water bottle I once was !

Anyone else have a partner who's trying to convince them they are beautiful as they are now....? And I dont think he's saying it because he's insecure.....he's 9 years younger than me and gorgeous!!!!
Oh I know what you mean about the menopausal - I have not had 1 night sweat since I started lipotrim, with the exception of when I was re-feeding for my weekend away. Its great, no more sweaty boobs, neck etc.......lol.

My OH always said to me that he loved me the way I was, he didnt care what size I was, but last weekend we were having an in-depth chat and he said that he still went by what he said, but he does prefer my new body!! I suppose it is a compliment.....lol


maintaining since June'09
HaHaHa - I love all your stories!!

I'm afraid I had to give in and go on HRT because I couldn't bear the flushes - was having 4-6 and hour - wasn't funny! So I can't comment on the effect of LT on them. I DO know they used to be worse after alcohol and eating too much though so I imagine there would have been at least SOME improvement.

DH has never made an issue about my weight. When I was at my VERY heaviest he did say he was concerned for my health - which went down like a lead balloon and led to a total binge of course :(!
But he's never 'behaved' any differently towards me (if you see what I mean ;)) It's me that feels awkward and embarrassed - but I'm BEGINNING to feel a TINY bit better.

Here's to long-lost parts of the body continuing to emerge!!!! xxx


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