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I found this shocking in the extreme


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This is the face of Marsha Coupe who was beaten up on a tube train last year for being overweight. You probably all saw it in the news at the time..........somehow it slipped by me.

Marsha Coupe was on the BBC Breakfast news this morning speaking in an article about the use of the word fat and doctors toughening up on obese patients. I admired her cool outlook on her weight and the way she came over as being so together so I googled her name not expecting to find anything.

To say I was shocked by what I did find is mild. What a world we live in when someone is publicly beaten up for committing no crime, just for being overweight.
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I despair of society sometimes. I really do :(


Wishing and hoping!
People can be so crewl sometimes, I know when I lost most of my haior due to illness I was beaten up for it and they took the piss with grapping my wig (I was at school then) :(


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Its really sad how many horrible and stupid people there are out there that bully people daily and make their life living hell :(


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These people who do such cruel things must really have too much time on their hands and a heart of stone.



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So bad. I missed it too.

It's really disheartening to know people are still like this, taking the p*ss even though the majority of America is fat, and they still love America.

I did read an article about doctors being encouraged to call obese people fat. I think it's a brilliant idea.

Thanks for sharing fillymum x

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