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I gained weight on cambridge! why?

Hi everyone, I started the cambridge diet on monday and have been weighing myself each day, first thing in the morning. Each time I ensure that I keep the same consistencies (no clothing, after passing first water of the day etc etc). So check out these figures:
Monday (day 1) I was 13 stone 8lbs
Tuesday I went up to 13 stone 8.5 lbs!
Wednesday I went up to 13 stone 10.5 lbs!
Thursday I went back to 13 stone 8.5lbs
today (friday) I have gone down to 13 stone 5lbs
Whilst I am happy to see a reduction today I can't figure out why the weight went up. I am on replacement meals, taking four, evenly spaced, and having 2.5 litres of water a day (over and above that mixed with the sachets). I am only having one bar a day etc as recommended.
Any ideas?!?
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Maybe you shouldnt weigh yourself daily? ;)

Weight will fluctuate up and down due to various things - so you could cut it down to once or twice between WI's. As I found last night, my weight stayed the same yet I lost an inch off four different area's.

It sounds like you are doing everything right, so I wouldnt worry about it.


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Hi I am sure someone will be around to clarify - but I thought that you are not allowed bars in the first few weeks.
I would only weigh once a week with my CDC. I found if I got on the scales at home it would upset me!!
The body is strange, you can stay the same or gain for a few days then lose it all and more seemingly overnight.
Put the scales in your loft out of the way ;) :D

Bars ore recommended from week 3 and an additional glass of water should be taken with bars and tetras.
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I would agree with the others dont weigh yourself everyday besides the outcome will be different from your cdcs scales anyway...I'd be careful with the bars my cdc wouldnt let me have them till week 8 and i only have one a week
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Hopefully you have learned a valuable lesson. Certainly weigh daily if it interests you to chart what the body is doing, but NOT if the results could de-motivate and put you off course. The fluctuations make perfect sense to me as your body works out how much water and fat it needs to retain/store to cope with the new regime. It shows the diet is working. But the only realistic figure you are going to get is weekly.

Since you seem so interested in these things. Did you know that your weight fluctuates by 2lbs during the course of the day? Just thought I'd save you from doing that little experiment!! LOL.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.
My cdc said i could have bars from next week (wk 2). i'm worried now - should i not have them?
I have a question about the bars, as you ahve all mentioned they should not be eaten during the first 1 or 2 weeks and then kel mentioned not being allowed them til week 8. What is the problem with the bars as I am looking forward to them but do not want to make my weight loss slow down once i am into the program.
Thanks Sharon
Dont worry hun its probably cos i have so much to lose and my cdc knew i was a bit of an addict and thought it would make me want to eat real choc bars xxx it didnt however and it was gorgeous
You will be fine with the bars as long as you wait till ketosis is established. I usually suggest that for the first few days you split them and have in 2 halves. It is unlikely that bars will slow down your loss, however if you find that they do then have less of them and more packs. :)


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i found in the week when i had bars (week 8-i wasn't brave enough to eat them any sooner!!!) i only lost 3lbs. i stuck to the peanut and cranberry ones as the carb content is pretty much the same as the shakes. i had 4 that week so i haven't had them again since. lost 5.5lbs the week after!

i'm thinking of trying them again as they are lovely. i think i will only have 2 a week and see how that goes!!! x

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