Hi Well I did it this morning I brought a Kitten,I cant post a pic camera lost at mo but shes so so sweet :eek:
Shes pure black 8 weeks old and tiny and she just sleeps at the mo,my 22 month old daughter has to be kept an eye on at the mo as shes not as gentle as she could be yet but she keep saying meow to her.Think her names going to be maisie BUT OH says hed like to discuss the name later:confused: he who took a year convincing that it would be good for the girls to have one :D
I will try and do pics soon as shes lovelyxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Awww how lovely, I've got a 4 and a half month old Maine Coon kitten, he's called Charlie. I've had him for about 3 months now and he's gorgeous, here's a pic!

If you click on the pic it will come up bigger and you can see how lovely he is!


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Aw bless, ours was really tiny, but is growing by the minute. He was quite nervous when we first got him, and would always "knead" the floor with his paws when he walked as he felt so insecure. That only lasted a few days mind you, after that he became the nutter that he is now - much to our older cat's annoyance (she's 9 years old and a bit set in her ways!)