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I got a present


Is so very nearly there!
Oh wow! We are looking at exercise bikes at the min?!

Where did he get it from?x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Your OH is a sweetheart Nilo, you'll be kicking butt on that!
I've been considering the bike myself.
i used to have my x-trainer in front of the tv in my bedroom and used to get a good workout while watching me soaps!! Then once my prog ended I used to do as many sit ups as it took until the end of the ads! This was when we had the room and didnt have an 18mo tasmanian devil getting into everything!! :D


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I love the cover of this, really made me laugh in her before picture pulling a sad face and sticking her tummy out. The Colleen Nolan ones tickle me too.
From the clips I've seen Claire's is good and she's definitely looking great.
Let me know how you find it, could be one for the collection :)
I watched the clip of colleens.. oh my word it was dull as ditch.. Mel B just seems really false iykwim .. but this one looks fun.. I love Steps tunes !!!! and she does look great now.. we all saw the pics !

My OH just bought me this ... woo hoo.. anyone wanna come round and join me ??
Is that good Emski? I was thinking about getting it! I am not usually a DVD workout fan but am tempted...


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Where did you find your OHs? Mine brought me a shower screen! Just what I wanted, but not likely to make me lose weight!


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Where did you find your OHs? Mine brought me a shower screen! Just what I wanted, but not likely to make me lose weight!
ROFL. You'd lose weight with it if it were in my bathroom. There's a 6 ft long mirror opposite the shower!! God only knows why the previous owners put it up. I manage to put blinkers on when I take a shower.

Hope you enjoy your cross trainer Nikki
LOL, he is a sweetheart and i don't think there is another man like him, sorry girls. Speaking of mirrors we have a massive one in front of the loo, it's really weird, even after 2 years i have to sit at an angle so i can't see it :D
I'm going to start building it in a min, should be back in 2 to 3 days er i mean hours.
i love my cross trainer was on it t half 7 this morning. be careful of your flooring though, i scratched all my laminate so now i put the bath mat under it when im using it!!
Finally got it up, we ok we have carpet. Its hard work only did 2 minutes and felt like i was gonna die, i blame putting it together though (and being majorly unfit) not for long though.

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