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The Doctor rang me this afternoon and told me he has received a letter telling him our PCT has ACCEPTED our request for funding for me to get Bariatric Surgery on NHS - WOOHOO !!!!!


He wants me to go see him on Monday to read through letter and see what happens next - I am his first ever referral so he sounded quite excited too - LOL !

At 9.30am I have a Smear Test (JOY OF JOYS!!!!) on monday at same clinic as my Doctor so have made an appointment to see him at 10am .... he offered 9am but too much of a rush from school run!

Will keep you all posted - fingers crossed!!!

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Ohh how exciting! Just wondering, been having a discussion. What's your reasoning behind getting the surgery, and getting it on the NHS?


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Congratulations Jill and wishing you all the best on your wls journey.

Not sure if you are aware but we moved our wls forums onto their own dedicated site and here is the link for them below.

WLSurgery.com - Weight Loss Surgery Support

Love Mini xxx
Thats fantastic, congratulations!

Wishing you all the best as from reading your posts recently I know that this is the right decision for YOU!

I am so pleased for you. You have tried so hard for this and waited so long...............
Thanks all

Went to surgery and got dreaded smear out of way (phew) then saw my Doctor - he was running 30 mins late and in all I was in his room for less than 5 mins!!! Basically he gave me a copy of my funding acceptance letter and a list of hospitals I could choose from. He also stressed the funding only applies if not gained over BMI result as when applying.
The hospitals are mainly London based - although I am choosing Chichester Hospital as closer.
The Doctor told me to visit a website as the Hospital I want is the only one to do so but asks for a 10 page Questionnaire to be downloaded and completed.
The time-scale seems to be within 18 weeks if all goes through straightforwardly - I am to complete this form then drop it in to Doctor and he will send the questionnaire up with referral letter AND funding acceptance letter. After that I wait to get an appointment to see surgeons etc at Chichester.
IF I do go too far outside of my BMI as was then funding may have to be reapplied for WHICH I DON'T WANT!
I am very excited as if all goes smoothly could be having done May 2011 time..... so this time next year could be a fair bit slimmer....... am now worried re BMI readings AND questionnaire incase I enter something that makes them think me unsuitable. I also within the form have to fill in a 4 day food diary but am unsure if this is meant to be when being 'good' or a typical 'naughty' week......
Am thinking of handing this form in just after Xmas so it doesn't get lost in festive post - cannot see a time limit so that should be ok THEN I will follow Calorie Counting to try to ensure same or lower BMI reading after xmas period as know I lose quicker on that - so to be on safe side ;)
Also am worrying as quite a distance from home - how much a travel-lodge etc would be for Dean cos if Gastric Bypass you can stay in for 3-4 days!!! You know me and worrying! I think I'll worry about Deans accomodation AFTER I get the go-ahead following hospital appointment (well - if I do!)
Thought I'd post this update...... thanks for supporting me

My friends bmi was just under 50, and she has made sure it is now over 50! ;) She is having hers done at Birmingham as its closest to us.

I know if you lose too much weight, you can lose funding altogether
BATFITCH - My main reason for seeking surgery was under advice from Diabetes Clinic (I have Type 2 Diabetes) - so far this illness has caused permanent damage to my left eye and have been warned re. further nasty complications, my blood levels when being good on plan are still too high meaning more chance of complications. I chatted with Diabetes doctor and they recommended surgery as meant to help Diabetes long term AND I meet criteria. I had toyed with idea before so when this was mentioned I thought I'd try for funding as obviously anything that slows the progression of my Diabetes complications and helps me lose weight has to be a good thing but financially I could not afford to go private.

I filled in the questionnaire last night and handed it into Drs this morning. I weighed myself this morning and put down that weight.

I rang Funding and they said that the paragraph about withdrawing funding on BMI reasons was to scare and actually holds no weight (scuse the pun!) - so glad I rang!!!

I also rang Hospital and they said once they receive the paperwork (possible by end week) they will check all ok then send me out an appointment - at the moment they are booking for end Jan so they estimated me early to mid Feb for my day long appointment which is when the Hospital decide whether they can help or not and if so what procedure to go for - if going ahead then could be in for surgery about May !!!!

Have decided I am going to Calorie Count from 27th December in plan to rid as much xmas excess weight gain as poss before appointment and although not fully on plan at mo am being careful with choices and not bingeing.

Wish me luck!


Those O's in the good look suspisciouly like jammy dodgers to me !!

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