I got the job!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Delli, 17 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    woohoo!! i got a social work job in family and childcare services in a town bout 40mins drive away, and its a permanent position! :D:D
    im well chuffed as u can imagine. its not often that a student social worker gets offered a permanent position after their first interview! just need to wait and find out what degree classification i get, will find out next thursday. please lord let me have passed!!!!!
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  3. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling


    Well done babes and will keep my fingers crossed for your results xxxxx
  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations and well done Delli:party0011::party0011::party0011::vibes:

    Fantastic news!!!:talk017::talk017:

    Love Mini xxx
  5. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member


    Well done! What a brilliant achievement! I wish you every success in your new position, and when you get your results.

    I remember the wait for classification oh too well.
  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    :)congratulations and fingers crossed for your results :)

  7. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Congratulations honey! xxxxxx :)
  8. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    thanks everyone!! am still grinning like a loon!
  9. boysmum

    boysmum Full Member

    Congrats hope all goes well
  10. HelenG

    HelenG Member

    Congratulations - wonderful result!
  11. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

    well done and congrats. theres no stopping you now deli
  12. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    thanks folks!! well chuffed hee hee
  13. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

    Just seen this - well done clever lady!!!!
  14. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    So now who's guilty of not texting :)

    Well done chick, knew you would get it. You're a star. Love you xx

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