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It's been a while...

...since I've been on the forum - too long! This year has been very up and down with various things going on. I'm still at my target weight, which is brilliant, but I'm worried I might slip into old habits and Minimins was the one things that really helped me reach my target weight as I've never been to class. So many things have happened on here, lots of new faces too so I have lots of catching up.

As I said before, the past year has been very strange, sad, depressing, and happy all rolled into one! In January my sister had a load of awful things happen and as a result she moved abroad in April. Although we (family/friends) were supportive of the move it's a big thing to do and I really miss her. I went out to see her a few weeks ago and she's the happiest I've ever seen her in a LONG time (not just since January). We talk to her via Skype all the time which really helps.

Some of you might remember I've been a supply teacher whilst trying to find a permanent position. Although I've loved doing supply the work is so few and far between and in July, with no job for September, I made the very difficult decision to look for jobs outside of teaching because another year of financial hardship like this year is not something I want to experience again. First job I apply for, got an interview and amazingly was offered the job! I'm going to be a support worker for a housing association, working with vulnerable young single mums and pregnant women aged 16-25 who need extra support with their tenancy. Totally different to working with 4-11 year olds like I have been for 4 years! I start on Monday and I can't wait. At the same time my partner got a new, better job with better hours so we're over the moon and really looking forward to having more time together and be in a position to finally start planning our wedding :)

Sorry for rambling - I can't wait to get up to date with both old and new members on here, and get new SW inspiration!

Sarah x
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Hi sarah,

Welcome back wow you've had alot going on but well done maintaining through all of it, I'm very close to my sister and would be heartbroken if she moved away so can only imagine how you feel

Congratulating you and your partner on your new jobs too, a new career sometimes can be the best thing we can do and so enjoy it. Sounds like things are looking up yay :)
Hi and welcome back. :welcome2:

I look forward to getting to know you !!

hugs xxx
Welcome back:D

We were at a family wedding at the weekend & two of our friends both supply teachers can't get permanent jobs & are now looking for work outside teaching. It such a shame we are 'apparently' crying out for teachers, yet many are leaving the industry as they can't find jobs:cool:

Update on me, I'm still at target, still go to class, it's my lifesaver. Went to India for 3 weeks in March & gained 7lbs:eek:, bought Zumba for the Wii for fun & exercise, I still cycle to work, weather permitting. My dad had a heart attack in March & gave up smoking, but I found out at the wedding on Saturday he still smokes:rolleyes: It's so funny though, his wife can tell he is smoking again & checks his pockets, hiding places indoors & checks any hiding places outside, I bet he buys cigs in ones from the shop:D My son left uni this year with a first, he is still job hunting & getting a little fed up; my sister bought a new house with her boyfriend.

And I've left the best 'til last, Strictly starts on Saturday:bliss:

Welcome back:D

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