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i got to talk at sw tonite


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Hi every1, well i have been nominated for the group/woman of the year at my group and i have got to talk about why i joined slimming world, and basically i dont know wat to say, i wud say the main reason was for my kids because i didnt want to be (sorry for using the word) a fat mam down the school, especially now both my kids are in juniors cos we all know how nasty older kids can be.
I also love the fact that both my kids well i have got 3 kids but tianna cant talk yet ask every week how i have done and i swear i can see in there faces how proud they are of me, does this seem ok to say in group xxx
thanks in advance for replies xxx
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Hi, firstly well done on woman of the year, my friend at class got for our one.
I would say that is just right as it's how you felt and its what has made you stick to it and get where you are now. Have a lovely evening at class
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That seems great, I cant think of a better reason than for your kids to be proud of you. Just be honest and speak from the heart, you will be fab!
At least you know in advance you have to talk. Mine was last night and we were all put on the spot to answer questions, it was a bit nerve racking but remember you are up there because people in your group nominated you and think your are an inspiration.

Good luck, I will keep everything crossed for you. Let us know how you get on. xx


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thanks BikerAngel, thanks GracieMai, by the way GracieMai wat sort of questions were u asked just to prepare me xxxx
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Why I joined in the first place, what keeps me coming everyweek, how do I overcome gains or STS or just bad weeks in general, what can i do now that I couldnt/wouldnt do before, some of the group asked if i kept a food diary, what my favourite meal was, and finally I had 30 seconds to sell myself on why i deserve to be Slimmer of the Year, that bit was scary and I didnt really know what to say. I'd say have a few things in mind just in case your asked this! Good luck x


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thanks, omg i will prob collapse i hate speaking out and things like that, thanks for the heads up its greatly appreciated xxx
cant think i y i deserve to be soty, i dont deserve to be, panic panic panic xx


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I think honesty is the best policy - speak from your heart and no matter how cheesy it sounds, if it is true it will show...
I wish you all the very best of luck and yes, you deffo must let us know how you got on - we will be waiting !!!

Good Luck
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Of course you deserve to be, that why you've been nominted! I'm sorry i really didnt mean to panic you. Everyone there supports you so dont panic. I struggled with that question as well, one of the ladies said that she deserved it because she comes everyweek and gives input and support to the group, another because she has consistantly lost weight, with only the odd STS or small gain. I cant remember what i said but it wasnt much whoops! x


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Well done love, don't be scared just stand up and tell the group the truth - how you felt when you joined SW and how good you are feeling now, you will be fine, losing your weight will have given you that extra confidence to talk to a bunch of people, good luck to you, and feel proud of your acheivement...X


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I have to do mine tonight too and I'm so nervous! I hate speaking out too and am dreading it (although really chuffed to be nominated!!).


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Hi Corrina!

Firstly...well done :)

If I were asking I question Id prob ask if you've had problems/hardships along the way that make it hard to stick to SW as you never know who may have the same struggles as you, whether to do with food, exercise, general things etc.


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I would say what you put in your first post! It would melt the hardest heart! They must think alot of you to have nominated you! And everyone else will be just as nervous as you! Well done!

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