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I had 4 shakes today :(


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Hey guys. I had 4 shakes again today :( I had 4 on Monday, 3 yesterday and then today I really felt hungry (first time so far) and I was like 'Ok, I need a 4th one'. I feel better that I had, but I feel like it's bad to do this, cos other people seem to do fine on just the 3. I had coffee in each of my shakes yesterday, I'm wondering if that was the key to being satisfied with just the three. I dunno. I just feel a bit crap about it, especially cos I don't want this to become a habit as I will run out of shakes too quick!

Good news tho:

I've dropped TEN POUNDS since Monday, can you BELIEVE that?! I know it's all water, cos I have been peeing like a race horse since starting this diet, but I'm still very proud of myself, I can feel the difference already. It is very motivating :)

I dunno, does anyone else find that they need that extra shake sometimes?
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Yes yes yes lol read my post "I can't do this" and my diary and you will see you are not on your own honey. I think a 4th pack is much better than having something that will prevent ketosis, and it need not be forever like starlight says, we probably will find we won't need to have a 4th for long, just gotta let our bodies get used to this way of fuelling up x


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I have 4 packs sometimes........ I feel like I need an extra one when I've been really active and I def think its better than eating something :)


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I'm so glad I'm not the only one, lolll. I can't make it a habit cos I do not want to like leave myself too short by the end of the month. I guess you're right, it is better than eating something that could 1) take u out of ketosis, 2) possibly lead you to munching lots of other things.

I'm gonna check out your diary keelyjrs :)
If you are having you shakes in coffee, have you thought about splitting them into 2 ?
I split most of my packs, as I prefer to have smaller quantities more often :)
In the exante program you're allowed 3-4 shakes anyway so you are still sticking to TS 100%. I wouldn't worry about it, if you need a 4th shake have it. I would hardly say having 800 kcal in a day is 'overdoing it' :D


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@notsoskinnymarge, I only have like a tiny bit of coffee, like half a teaspoon, it's not enough to split it really. Plus I would just end up having the second half within the next half an hour anyway, I know what I'm like, lolll

@Rebirth_Lozza, I guess you're right, 800 calories is still 400 calories below what you would have for SlimFast, so I'm still in a big calorie deficit I guess. I'm gonna try and stick to 3 today tho :)
Well done on your 10lbs!!!! :D

Yes I do 4 packs and compared to my 3 packs a day week, there was no difference in weight loss! Plus its cheap enough to do it with! :D

When I say cheap, I mean cheap in price, not quality! ;)
Haha, I'm unemployed at the moment, so it really isn't that cheap for me! It's good that your weight loss was the same, that makes me feel defo ok about it, lol
I am sooo tempted to have a 4th today. I am on day 2, but realllly struggling - i feel so so so hungry. Drinking my water, but it's doing nothing except making me need the loo more!

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