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i had a major blip yesterday


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Started with the post in the morning. I have got an appointment at minor ops to get a mole removed. GP thinks its harmless enough but it is being removed under the 'urgent' catergory just in case. Having the letter arrive and in my hands was just scary.

Add to that, the night before drama of my husbands kink in his driveline from his heart and dash to harefield, well it wasnt good.

I ended up taking my kids out to lunch at harvester. And then eating 2 bags of crisps in the evening.

I know it doesnt change anything, eating didnt make the situations go away etc etc, but I was just so fed up of CD and wanted to 'enjoy' myself with my kids.

But why should enjoyment=food? i should really look at other things to do which dont involve food. I'm not saying that all i do is take my kids to restuarents, lately we have been to the zoo, beach, farm etc etc and all they have had is a picnic lunch and an ice cream. and loads of running about.

Just feeling a bit low and crappy really
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hun ur only normal, i have also had a really bad week and i relate enjoying myself with food aswell i dont know why just always have. If i want to do something nice i always think ooh thats have a meal! probs why im overweight!
You have a lot to deal with and u caved like a lot of us do, just think right ur not gonna be beat me now and move on and be strong, remember we are all here to help each other and we arnt alone on this struggle.
hope u and peter are ok xx


i love minimins me :)
hun :hug99::hug99:

dont worry, total stress/ upset for just about all of us doin cd probably means we eat, we r only human, unfortunatly wen we sign the form for cd it dosent include us gettin a swap for the partof our brain that makes us choose food etc

u are doing so well so far, and i know how u feel e food that u know wont make things better but at the time we want it 'cos its normal'

good luck hun u can do this :D we can do this together

Misdee, you have come a long way so far, you can put this behind you and do this.
Don't punish yourself for blips, theres alot of worry in your life and it seems every day something more happens for you. Its a marathon hun, you will reach the finish!
Dear Misdee,

I really do hope you feel much better very soon, with good news that there was nothing to worry about the mole and your hubby is doing well and importantly, that a blip is all that it is...a blip!

We may fall very many times, but we learn valuable lessons as we go along the way (just like the one you learnt with this experience) and although the lessons may not manifest themselves immediately all the time, your determination will help you look back once you have completed and understand yourself and the diet and life in a different light and that will make it all worth it...:)

Looking forward to hearing about your success tomorrow, one day at a time!! :)

Lots of love xx

I read the whole of you blog last night and am impressed you have managed to stay with CD without many 'blips' with everything that is going on in your life.

You have a huge amount on your plate (pardon the pun), and are managing it amazingly well at the moment. Since I started SS my world has all but ground to a halt, you are coping with 3 small children and their demands and your hubbys illness. You are not superwoman you are human (alright a pretty amazing human) stop beating yourself up.

It was a bump in the road, but everything can be put back on track tomorrow. The best thing is that you are recognising your relationship with food, i.e. using it to reward etc.

Take care.
Hey Misdee,

Today is a brand new day, dust yourself off, forget the blip (it was one bad day) - you CAN do this!!!

Think positive thoughts and it'll soon be the end of another day. This diet is so tough and we all have or will have blips, we are human afterall. You know already that the results are worth it. Full admiration to you for embarking on such a hard task with everything you have going on. You go girl!!

Stay strong today xx


i love minimins me :)
hey misdee

thanks for ya chat on msn last night?
how u feeling today? positive? yes i thought so hahhahaha

goood luck hun and you know where i am


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