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I hate it when

i shouldnt do it but i do weigh myself every day :( c im going it alone as i cant afford to go to class nemore i lost 3lbs last week i was the same yesterday morning which meant i sts this week but when i got home i had put on 3lbs plz tell me this is because i had eaten? :cry:

I really need some boosting ideas to help me do it alone my not helping as he loves his food i need a menu plan really can nebody help me make a months 1 up? its prob asking alot but u all a great bunch and have some lovely recipes off here to
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The first thing I will say to you is "hide thoses scales!".

I know its hard but I was exactly the same as you by weighing myself everyday, sometimes throughout the day as well but it just drove me crazy with the different weights it was showing.....(I even changed the battery when I know it didnt need changing just in case it showed a different weight)

I know ONLY weigh myself on Friday morning and I look forward to jumping on the scales to see the result and it drives me to be good throughout the week.

You "can" do it alone, all you need to remember is eat lots of superfree foods when you are hungry, drink plenty of water and try to get some exercise when you can. (ie: taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking at a quicker speed)

Good luck! ;)
thanks thats sounds so much like me im always on the scales its depressing really i thought i would betta myself and i prob will but just seeing em i think hmmm i wonder if i have lost my bf says im obsessed thanks very much :)
Hi there

Could you give your scales to someone for safe-keeping, and only get on them once a week? I know my weight fluctuates through the day/week so I really have to work at not jumping on the scales every day.
It can set you up for a good/bad day, depending on what the scales say, so if you can make it harder for you to be jumping on and off them whenever you get the urge, it would probably help a lot.

As for food ideas, check out the masses of food diaries people have posted on: Slimming World - Food Diaries - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum They should give you lots of ideas.

Good luck with your journey - and don't be too hard on yourself. I struggled at the beginning, but perseved because I knew I wanted to make a difference. It really is worth it.
Hi ya, Firstly echoing the others............... Hide the scales. ONLY weigh in one day a week. Naturally your bodies weight fluctuates so much within a day and a week that you only get TRUE reading once a week at the same time. I Have lost my weight going it alone at home, and I only found this forum once AT target.
I weigh myself saturday morning, having been to the toilet(tmi) not eaten and in just my undies! that is then the weight of ME. Then i dont look the rest of the week. Your going to be heavier having eaten, you have the actual weight of the food in you. If you stood on the scales and held your meal, you'd weigh more, the food weighs the same, only its now in your body - thats NOT fat, thats just the weight of food and liquid. So i think i do agree with your BF that you have maybe become somewhat addicted and obsessed with weighing in everyday, and its quite an unhealthy activity ( im not saying you are, but it is a behaviour that can start leading to Eating disorders) So hide them scales until WI day. You'll feel better for it.

With the meal planning, i reckon i can help........... I have OCD planning....lol. I plan all my meals weekly and eat what the list says, then i know i have filling healthy meals all day and have syns allotted for pudding etc.
Take a look at my thread for some ideas http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/165322-weekly-meal-ideas.html
Let me know what meals you like the look of, and what foods, days you do and i'll help you with a meal plan. PM me if you want.

Thanks very much i know it will make a difference but in jan i started slimming world then in april i split from my long term bf and went with my back to my first love i never had a gain b4 i got with him and now my new bf is not helping he loves food ppl are telling me im contented thats fine but i keep looking at myself and imagining a lovely smoothish body that i will b comfortable with esp when it comes to photos being taken :/
hiya honey i have looked and they sound great im not a vegarian tho and my bf is far from it lol where do u get your recipes from? and HELP that would b great but i dont know how to pm? im on facebook and can do inbox messages in there or hotmail?
Hi ya. Pm is minimins email system, look at the top right of the screen and it will say inbox. You can also click on my profile and click send message. My hubby is not vegetarian either, and for a lot of those meals he will have meat as a heb choice (he's doing sw) but your boyf could have as much as he liked obviously if not trying to lose weight. Thats the beauty of sw, its just normal meals the whole family can enjoy. We stick to mainly green days as we can't afford lots of meat for hubby to have red days more than once a week. I find you get to eat a lot more filling food on a green. Chips, jacket pot, pasta, rice beans etc. And like my hubby does use a heb for meat. We had curry last night. I had quorn, hubby had 113g chicken, which meant he could still have plate of rice to fill him up. So far he's lost nearly 5st since jan:) let me know what foods you both like and what sort of budget your on, how good a cook are you? Do you have to take packed lunch's to work etc. And i'll see what i can come up with. My recipes come from the hundreds of cook books i have, the internet and i endlessly watch cookery program's.

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