I hate myself now...


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Can't believe I gave into temptation after I've been sooooo good.. :break_diet: I knew feeding the kids at tea times would be hard but tonight DH wasn't here.. I had two distressing issues that arrived at the same time and I caved.. I finished off the boys' teas then ate a slice of bread and butter.. Can't even tell you what I did next.. too ashamed.. :cry:

I have realised that the bad news / stress triggered my emotional need which I tried to fulfil with food.. I do recognise that.. but what am I supposed to do instead? :confused: Couldn't get away from the food.. the boys are only 2 & 4 so I can't leave them on their own...

Hate hate hate myself and so scared that I will come out of ketosis.. I know it was partly that I was a pack behind all day and my blood sugar seems to get low without regular meals..

What can I do...? Will I get kicked off LL? :cry:
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I doubt very much if you will get kicked off LL & VLCDS are hard hun, so dont beat yourself up, you are only human.

LL would be easy if you could remove food from everyday life, but wen u have kids, there is no way around it....the little gits demand feeding all the time!

Dont dwell on it, drink some water, have a bath, do your nails, anything to take your mind off what has happened. Food is not your friend hun, its is a basic necessity, but that is being satisfied by the contents of the LL packs,we all need to find other ways of coping with things that happen, and that will only come with time

Sending you big ((((((((((HUGS))))))))

You CAN get by this hun!


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I doubt very much you will be kicked off hun, lets deal with the problem here, Im not a LL person but can try and help you.

OK, So you had some food, do you want to beat yourself up, or pick up and carry on?
You may be knocked out of Ketosis, but chug that water down and in a day or so you will be back in, at the latest!
You wrote this, so you arent burying your head in that sand and have faced what you did.
You know what the trigger was, so can we deal with this?? What about having your soup or a bar at the same time as the kids have tea, make sure that you have a bit left when they have finished so you can throw any left overs in the bin, yet still have a little something left for you.

All is not lost, and this can make you stronger if you let it, a few bites wont put on 8kg over night, however, you have to stop now as the few bites can turn in to bigger bites, thats when the downward spiral starts.

Put it behind you, learn from your mistakes, we've all made them!!

So remember how you feel now, and then remember how you will feel next time you say no, and throw it in the bin, which is best!!

Tip, Get a squeezie bottle, fill with water and washing up liqued, when kids have finished, squirt it over the plates so you are not tempted.

Go for it, and let it make you stronger x


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You won't be kicked off! I am a lighterlifer and lots of my class mates and me have had lapses at times and we've been given support not ridicule! Thats what its all about, helping us to learn how to cope instead of using food theres bound to be a trip or fall along the way. It doesn't mean you can't get back up and keep going though.

As has been said, if you have knocked yourself out of ketosis, it will only take a day or 2 to get back in, the secret is to do it NOW. Start again NOW! none of this tomorrow or the next day nonsense, you could do a lot more damage if you wait and its just not worth it.

Its not easy this, but it does start to make you realise why you eat, which has happened to you today. Now you can start to move forward, discuss at your group sessions about strategies to help you next time etc.

lots of luck!



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Hi Jan, you wont be kicked off hun so i wouldn't worry about that, it will only add to your stress, i can't really advice anymore that what's already been said. Make tomorrow a new day and dont beat yourself up about it .

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God advice as said above..learn from it & put plans in place for avoiding it again in the future (ie have packs at reg times to keep levels up & possibly less likely to happen?) but dont let it make you fall off the wagon. We all slip up. Acknowledge it (as you have) and move on from it and try & look at what you have achieved so far & be proud of that rather than beating yourself up...big hugs & remember, tomorrow is a new day *but thats not as excuse to go mad tonight!!!


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It's ok we all make mistakes, and these VLCDs are n't the easy way! I found it helps to have a pack at the time I feed my 6 year old - helps get round the deprivation thing, and the smells and texture of eating your own food helps. I agree with the washing up liquid thing - I have a 'dump bin' for scraps on the window and everything goes straight in there.

Don't be hard on yourself-these things happen. But look after yourself by eating your packs regularly and try to treat yourself in other ways.


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Thank you

Thank you all so much for the fab advice and lovely support.. I just went to bed last night I was so down about it and today don't feel much better but it's not just the binge that I'm worried about..

I will let it go.. prob after my weigh in Thurs.. gonna have a pop in today to see my LLC and that should make me feel better too!


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Hi Jan

Don't hate yourself hun, am glad you are feeling better today though. A girl in our group had a really awful week & binged all week & still came back to get back on programme, I probably would've given up.

It is not easy to break your relationship with food, it will not happen overnight, many of us have used food to "help" us out for many many years, it is hard trying to get by without the crutches we depended on so much.

Keep going & get back on the programme, draw a line under it and move on. Do not beat yourself up about it at all - you will get stronger and stronger as you develop different ways to cope - & we will all be here to support you, after all we are in this together!